Social Media Campaign Ideas for Boosting eCommerce Sales

Selling: 5 Media Ideas for Boosting eCommerce Sales

Looking for the right social media strategy to boost sales?

It’s beneficial to start implementing a few social media campaign ideas for 2019.

These are five of the best ideas you should consider including in your social media marketing plan to boost eCommerce sales this year.

1. Use Social Media Campaigns to Connect with Prospects

Your first plan of action to boost your eCommerce sales for the year is to understand where your prospects are spending time online.

Facebook continues to be a tool for brands to reach out to their consumer base through advertisements. Don’t neglect the power of Facebook as one of the best platforms to drive sales. Facebook has the technology to help you hone in on growing your eCommerce sales because it has such a huge user base. In fact, over 1.57 billion mobile users exist right now. Companies such as can also assist you with growing your current Facebook page.

2. Social Media Campaign Ideas Include Influencers

Did you know that influencer marketing is on the rise?

More brands are reaching out to influencers on Instagram because these individuals have large followings and can mean big business down the road. Talk to a few influencers to work together on posting pictures featuring a few of your products to drive sales back to your website. 

If you operate a hotel, partner with an influencer in the area to organize a stay overnight where the influencer can talk all about why he or she loves your hotel. Working with an influencer will establish credibility to your hotel and you will see a spike in reservations at the end of the day.

3. Talk to your Audience Using Instagram Live

Another important tip for driving sales back to your site is to talk with your audience. Set up a social media strategy involving Instagram Lives.

Hosting an Instagram Live is just one of the many ways you can instantly talk to your customers to hear their feedback. Engage with your audience so they can see that you are a real person behind your brand!

Instagram Lives can also be saved to the home page of your Instagram so even more people can watch it. Establishing relationships with your audience can bring you even more revenue as you become a trustworthy brand that they love. A good, solid relationship will no doubt convert into leads.

4. Create Great Video Content

As a business, you need to figure out what value you can provide to your prospective customers.

Social media campaigns need to focus on bringing attention to the products you sell.

For example, a company that sells winter boots will create a short video showing a family walking around in the snow while wearing the snow boots.

Video content continues to flourish in the world of social media because it is easy to digest. Your audience will take note of the family walking through the snow and will feel connected to the brand almost instantly because they can imagine their family in the same situation.

5. Utilize Pinterest Pins

One final option for you to drive sales back to your eCommerce page?


Work hard to creating beautiful pins to add to your business Pinterest page. These images need to be crisp and clear while implementing your brand’s color scheme and font. The pins will link back to your website.

As soon as you create a few great pins, start posting them. It’s also important to pay for your pins to become “rich pins” where more people can interact with them and post the pins to their pages, too.

Want Even More Social Media Help?

These are five of the best social media campaign ideas available for you to use right now for your business.

Look through our other tools & tips for even more social media help from your friends at Social Media Explorer.

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