The Most In-Demand Backend Programming Languages of 2019

Backend development refers to the server side of software and is invisible to users (backend developers add utility to everything the frontend designers create). Over the past few years, the capabilities of backend development have changed a lot. Things are moving towards flexibility, best code practices, and excellent compatibility with the frontend part of software. The back end of a solution determines how smoothly the application will run, and what experience, positive or negative, the user will gain from its use.

In our new article, we have selected backend that follow current market trends to develop high-quality and progressive software.


Golang is a relatively young programming language, developed and released by Google in 2009. It quickly became popular among developers from all over the world due to its flexibility, scalability, and good compatibility with other technologies. According to the Madnight report, it is the fastest growing language on GitHub in 2018 and its popularity will only continue to rise.

Go ideally suits the development of large, distributed systems, as well as highly-scalable network servers, web applications, and microservices. In addition, businesses which aim to develop great software at an affordable quality/price ratio choose Golang for its perfect compatibility with DevOps philosophy.


Java first appeared in 1995, and since then it has been considered one of the most powerful and reliable programming languages for backend development. In terms of its functionality and security, a number of corporations use it to meet their needs in the building of sophisticated and robust server-side applications.

Java allows developers to create websites and platforms with a big amount of data, applications for Android devices, web banking, and fintech applications. It offers a high level of security and mitigates risks related to the data leakage. Because of this, Java components are widely used to resolve difficult tasks regarding commercial logic and security issues in enterprise web applications.

In terms of teamwork and collaboration, Java is also a great choice as it is a distributed language for easy remote communication. It allows developers to avoid significant misunderstandings during the development process. The language stability and massive community also make Java a robust technology for the development of reliable and advanced software.


PHP is especially good for the development of web pages, online stores, and provides robust CMS opportunities (one of the most popular CMS, WordPress, was also written in PHP). In 2015, PHP was updated to its 7th version. There were a lot of innovations that made it even faster and safer. The improved performance makes it an ideal choice for large and high-load eCommerce platforms and dynamic websites. Various benchmarks confirm the profit of updated version of PHP.

The peculiarity of PHP among other programming languages is its well-organized documentation. The official PHP resource includes comprehensive information about all the language’s features and provides ready-made PHP solutions to simplify the coding process. Since PHP has an intuitive logic and syntax, developers who have some experience in coding can write their first code in PHP just after few days of practice.


Python is a universal programming language which can be used for almost all tasks related to backend part of software. It includes the development of web and desktop applications, games, life support management systems, quickly creating prototypes, microservices, etc. Python has a much simpler syntax in comparison with other backend programming languages, due to this, developers who wanted to start coding in a short period of time can choose Python for the first steps in server-side software development.

Python includes many packages and modules that ensure its flexibility and compatibility with other technologies. With the latest version of Python 3.7.1. it has fully automated memory management capabilities and it is much easily combined with modules written in C and C ++. It allows developers to speed up the performance of applications written in Python even more.


With an intelligent of backend technologies, developers can build high-quality applications giving companies opportunities to perform useful and powerful software for their users. Therefore, to choose a reliable backend stack you should draw attention to particular business objectives your software will resolve and only then make the choice.

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