How to use Glimpse in ASP.Net Core

Glimpse is a popular, open-source web debugging and diagnostics tool that can be used to gain visibility into the performance of your ASP.Net or ASP.Net MVC applications. You can also integrate Glimpse with Application Insights.

Glimpse provides an intuitive user interface that helps you examine the performance data of an application. Like MiniProfiler, Glimpse adds a widget to your web pages so that you can view performance data as you browse through the web pages of your application. You can read my article on MiniProfiler here.

This article presents a of how we can integrate Glimpse into an ASP.Net Core application.

Create an ASP.Net Core API project

First off, let’s create an ASP.Net Core Web API project. We’ll use this project to integrate Glimpse later in this article. If Visual Studio 2017 is up and running in your system, follow the steps given below to create a new ASP.Net Core Web API project in Visual Studio.

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