Install the May Windows and Office patches

Win10 version 1903 isn’t yet ready for prime time, but the other and patches are reasonably stable. If you haven’t yet installed the XP/Vista/Win7 patches to guard against the “wormable” BlueKeep Remote Desktop hole, better do so now.

May 2019 will go down in the annals of Patch-dom as the month we all ran for cover to fend off another WannaCry-caliber worm, but a convincing exploit never emerged.

Microsoft officially released Windows 10 version 1903 on May 21, but I haven’t yet heard from anyone who’s been pushed. All of the complaints I hear are from those “seekers” who went to the download site and installed 1903 with malice and forethought. A triumph of hope over experience.

This month, if you let Windows Update have its way on your machine, you may end up with a different build number than the person sitting next to you. Blame the debacle for that: Folks with Windows set up for U.K. English get an extra cumulative update pushed onto their machines, whilst those who don’t fly the Union Jack will get the fix in due course next month.

The ongoing saga of BlueKeep

Remember the “wormable” Remote Desktop security hole that was going to bring down all older Windows machines? As of this writing, early Tuesday morning, there are exactly no known exploits. Lots of people have tried. Plenty of people are selling snake oil. But nobody has yet figured out how to exploit BlueKeep in order to run a nasty program.

Before you feel too smug, realize that I continue to recommend that you the latest Windows 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003, 2008 or 2008 R2 patches.

I’m convinced a weapons grade BlueKeep attack is on the way, and your only gold-standard defense is to fix the bug in Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol.

Tell your friends. This is the real thing.

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