Is AI As Effective As Humans for Social Media Content Creation?

When you come across a really catchy tagline on social media, you probably think “my, how cleverly the writers have crafted those words.” Like you, millions of other people also think the same thing. But, what if I told you that it’s not a human writing the content at all? Instead, the brand is using artificial intelligence to create promotional content. Shocking, isn’t it? Well, the way artificial intelligence is grabbing the headlines, that day is not far away.  

AI and content

media marketing is operating in full swing now. Thousands of companies resort to social media sites before launching a new product or service because they can attract the attention of millions of users at the same time. Scheduled posts, coming up with creative hashtags, and most importantly, creating content that accurately describes the product all are part of social media marketing. But, in all these things humans play a more significant role than artificial intelligence.

Thinking out of the box is something that humans do better than AI. That’s why companies spend thousands on marketing companies so that they can utilize the human brain better. In fact, the IQ of those in the content creation team is slightly more than maybe someone in the sales team. A quick content using Worldwide IQ Test will prove the results better.

creation for social media is more about what different you are doing from your competitors. If you use the same promotional phrases, potential customers won’t feel any difference between you and the brand they already follow. For example, it is tough for AI to judge what the customers want during a specific period. If there is a flood-affected area and the brand wants to show support for the survivors, artificial may not sense or feel what the people are going through.

Where AI helps in social media marketing

If you leave content creation for social media to a team of humans and not robots, then how will artificial intelligence help? Imagine it is Christmas and your company wants to send a Merry Christmas message to all its customers. You can’t employ a team only to seek the list of online customers and send them the message individually. This is where artificial intelligence will come to your rescue.

First, you schedule the post to 12 midnight so that your social media page triggers the message as soon as its 25th. Allow artificial intelligence to find out the people who follow your page or have bought products from your website. As soon as the clock hits 12, AI will send the message to all these people. Merely talking about the launch of a new product or service is not the entirety of social media marketing; it is also about how you connect with customers.

So, although AI is essential in the digital era, it will never be able to compete with human intelligence when it comes to creating content for social media.

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