10 Tools to Sync and Auto-Upload Photos from Android to Cloud Storage

To save storage space and managing worries, we are here with 5 Tools to and Auto-Upload from Android to Storage that will help you to easily put all your pictures on cloud storage.

Photos that you click from your smartphone cameras could be precious. These pics are often pretty valuable, and we don’t want to lose them at any cost. However, it’s pretty much possible for almost everyone to lose their important pictures while performing any deletion operation, memory clearing or cache removal. Therefore, its always recommended having a photo backup up.

To prevent your photos and the data from deletion by any mishap on your Android device, there are few easy storage options out there like Cloud storages. Almost all popular cloud service providers now have a dedicated app for Android which can be used to back up important files to the cloud storage. So, in this article, we are going to list 10 best Android apps to sync and auto-upload photos from Android to cloud storage.

Below we have listed all the apps that you can use for this purpose.

#1 Google Photos

This is the default app for the stock Android devices, and this is there in the stock Android because of it being developed by the Google itself for its Android platform. Now talking about the app’s functions, this app is an all in one solution for viewing the pics, editing the pictures and as well as uploading the photos to the cloud storage option. Creating the backup for the photos on the cloud could be done automatically through this app and users only require to enable and configure this function from the settings of the app. Working on the selection for the resolution of videos and the Photos could be done through this app which is to be uploaded to the cloud. This gives the user more control over working with their online storage space as well as the uploaded data.

#2 Microsoft Onedrive

This one is another great online storage option by the Microsoft that could enable the users to easily upload their data as well the photos to the cloud. The service could also be configured as such to auto-upload the photos from your device to the cloud that gives you the more proficient way to keep the backup of your photos. The only flaw of using Onedrive is that it gives it’s users access to 5 GB space for free while the more space needs to be purchased with subscription charges.

#3 G Cloud Backup

This backup app could also be the definite alternative to all those listed above in the list because this one provides much more customizable app and service as well as the support for about any kind of data of the device like call logs, SMS messages, etc. Auto uploading of the pictures or the photos is also a no issue with this app, but the only thing that restricts the users to this service is 1 GB of space available free of cost by default, and for extension of service and space there is a need to buy it at the price of 1 GB more for $0.99, 4 GB for $2.99, etc.

#4 Shoebox Photo Backup

Shoebox Photo Backup doesn’t put any restrictions on picture resolutions, and the unlimited space is provided by this service. This is a lot better than anything else as you get up the unlimited space and there is no such disturbing ads or other flaws. You could go for the Pro version of this service that grants you the access to the unlimited space with full resolution upload of pictures at the cost of only $5/month.

#5 Amazon Prime Photos

If you are the Amazon Prime member, then only this service could be accessed unless you won’t be able to go for it. So to get on to this service, first of all, register yourself on the Amazon Prime and then under that, you could be able to access the services Amazon Photos and the Amazon Video both of which are differently made for the particular function of uploading Photos and Videos. In Amazon, Photos users get the unlimited storage option for uploading their pictures. If you are the Amazon Prime subscriber, then this one is the must be joined as it would only give more added values all at free of cost.

#6 Box

Box is another great Android app which can be used to sync and auto-upload photos from Android to cloud storage. The great thing about Box is that it allows users to store, manage and share files, photos, videos, documents with 10GB of free cloud storage. With Box Android app, you can access your content online, from your desktop, and on your phone or tablet. So, Box is another best Android app to sync and auto-upload photos from Android to cloud storage.

#7 Amazon Drive

Well, Amazon Drive is not exactly an auto-sync app, but it allows provides Android users easy access to the documents, music, photos, videos that have been stored in Amazon Drive. Not only that, but Amazon Drive can also be used to upload photos, videos, and other file types right from the Android device as well. So, Amazon Drive is another best Android cloud storage app that you can use right now.

#8 Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the popular cloud storage service available out there. Most of the new Android smartphones already have this app pre-installed. Dropbox specializes in features like auto-upload photos, easy sharing, etc. What’s more interesting is that Dropbox also got the Microsoft Office support. That means, it can deal with Microsoft Office files as well. So, Dropbox is another best Android cloud storage and sync app that you can use today.

#9 Dropsync

Well, if you are searching for ways to backup your photos and files with Dropbox Cloud Storage, then Dropsync might be the best pick for you. Guess what? Dropsync is one of the best and ideal tools for photo, document and file sync. The great thing about Dropsync is that it features two-way automatic synchronization of files and folders. Not only that, but Dropsync also provides users lots of manual sync modes as well.

#10 PhotoSync

PhotoSync is another best auto-transfer and backup app that you can use on your Android smartphone. The great thing about PhotoSync is that it allows users to share photos & videos across devices from the cloud and various photo services like Google Photos, Amazon Photos, etc. Apart from that, PhotoSync can also be used to backup photos & videos on computer, cloud, NAS, services.

So, these are the apps which will automatically upload and sync your Android’s photos to the cloud storages. If you know any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below.

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