How to Enable Low Data Mode on Your iPhone

Running out of data on your limited mobile plan? Want to stretch out the data for the last couple of days of the month? Try the new Low to reduce data usage on your .

How Low Data Mode Works

Low data Mode in iOS 13 and beyond shuts off all background communication. It stops Background App Refresh for apps and requests apps to postpone all non-urgent sync tasks until you’re connected to a network that doesn’t have Low data mode enabled.

It also pauses all background sync tasks. So when Low Data Mode is enabled, the Photos app won’t back up your photos.

You won’t see much of a difference using your iPhone on a day-to-day basis, but all the background processes that you usually don’t have control over will be paused. If needed, you can manually resume a syncing task.

This is just one of the little useful features that Apple added in the iOS 13 update. To know about the best features in this update, take a look at our best iOS 13 features list.

Low Data Mode for Cellular Data

To enable Low Data Mode on your cellular data connection, open the iPhone’s Settings app, and select the “Cellular” option.

From here, tap on “Cellular Data Options.”

Tap on the toggle next to “Low Data Mode” to turn on the feature.

Enable Low Data Mode for Wi-Fi Networks

Low Data Mode also works for Wi-Fi networks, but not in an all-or-nothing nature. You can go through and enable the feature for specific Wi-Fi networks that might include low data caps.

Open the Settings app and tap on “Wi-Fi.”

Here, find the Wi-Fi network you want to enable the feature on and tap on the “i” button next to it.

From this screen, tap on the toggle next to “Low Data Mode” to enable it.

You can also enable low data mode in specific apps and services. For example, Instagram has an option for a low data mode. To save data usage in streaming apps, you can reduce the video or audio streaming quality.

You can also manually disable Background App Refresh and auto-downloads for apps to reduce data usage on your iPhone.

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