New Jobs Brought By Social Media

With the rise of the social media industry, it’s logical that a lot of jobs were born from it. Although social networks are present in everyone’s life, people often forget that they can make a living out of it, or just don’t think about it as an option.

Social media jobs aren’t just about communicating with people online, and there are plenty of other positions in this field. Now, let’s take a look at some jobs that have evolved since the creation of social media.

Content Creation

A business needs to have an online presence, but how are they going to do that if they are not producing any content? That’s how the content creator came about.

Content creation has a wide range of job possibilities. For example, a company that sells handmade rings needs to have pictures showcasing their models. So, they will have to hire someone that organizes the photos, adds the information to the website, and someone that posts them on the social networks.

Besides working for a company, content creators usually can write articles for news outlets, post videos on YouTube, add captions to Instagram photos, and much more.

Social Media Manager

Companies are always looking for someone that can manage their social accounts. This includes analyzing the audience, creating content with a team, posting at the right time, and so much more.

Working as a manager can be stressful, but working from home is great! Sometimes this job may imply dealing with customers on social media, and answering typical questions.

Hackers or Security Specialist

No, we’re not talking about typical Hollywood hackers. A security specialist works in a similar way as a hacker does. But instead of releasing essential documents, they find security breaches and fix them.

It’s essential for a website to hire someone qualified for this job; many malicious softwares can try to steal the customer’s information.

This job didn’t exist before because people weren’t used to online shopping. And also, giving personal information online wasn’t usual for an ordinary person.

App Developer

Although this is a harder job, it is something that can be very successful if it goes viral.

Developing an app requires a large team of people; someone that can manage the social accounts and give the right exposure to the app, a programmer that knows how to deal with coding, and a security specialist ensuring that there aren’t any information leaks.

This is a humble field, but it’s something that is worth taking a risk for. No one ever knows if the app will go viral, and suddenly, the developer could become the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Final Thoughts

Social media has its pros and cons. The good thing is, it created a lot of jobs for millennials, and anyone can do them if they have the right skills.

Getting started can be difficult, but if someone is destined to become famous, they will. Content creation, app developing, and security-related jobs are some of the most prominent online.

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