When does Cyberbullying Start and How Can You Prevent It

is one of the most that have put a severe negative impact on the lives of post-millennial kids. If your child expresses anger or acts negatively after going online, it is a sign that he is being cyberbullied. With the widespread adoption of mobile phones and social media apps, is becoming a common issue. According to the recent statistics, kids spend almost 80 percent of their time on mobile phones remaining online for 3 hours a day.

The time they spend online is the riskiest because they are likely to be exposed to harassments. Almost 45 percent of kids admit they have experienced online harassment. The victims of cyberbullying are 3 to 9 times more likely to commit suicide. This horrible situation can be averted with a few simple tricks. Read on to know how can you prevent cyber-harassment and ensure the online security of kids.

When does Cyberbullying Start

The online bullying is not different than traditional harassment. The use of mobile phones, computers and electronic means to tease, harass, offend or threaten someone is termed as cyberbullying. Generally, online bullying does not start with an intention to deeply hurt the target. It usually starts with a random comment on social media post or a text message. However, a simple joke can easily cross the line and can severely hurt the victim.

In a recent study, the young harassers reported the following reasons for their cyberbullying behavior. Almost 72% said that they posted bullying stuff without thinking that it could hurt someone. Around 28% did this for fun; 21% did this to embarrass the target and 11% showed bullying behavior to show off to friends.

How to Prevent Cyberbullying

To protect your kids from cyberbullying, the first thing is to be sure that he/she is experiencing online harassment. Look for the red-flags of cyberbullying and adopt the following ways to help your kid deal with the harasser.

Let’s Talk

The psychologists confirm that the best way to help your kid deal with any problem is to have a detailed conversation. Listen to your kid’s problem carefully and guide him without showing anger or judgmental attitude. A cyberbullying victim needs moral support to regain his confidence and to respond to the bully in an appropriate manner. Let your kids know how they should behave to not let the bully achieve his aim.

Monitor Online Activities

Only 2 in 10 victims of cyberbullying inform their parents about online bullying attacks. This prevents parents from providing needed support to their kids to combat harassment. Fortunately, there are ways to keep a secret eye on kids’ online activities without letting them know and taking their mobile phones into possession. With the use of TheOneSpy mobile phone monitoring app, you can keep track of every online and offline activity of your kids including their social media chats, posts, friend-lists and more. When you closely watch out the online activities of your kids, it becomes easier to find out cyberbullying and the bully.

Strengthen Parent-Kid Bonding

It is crucial to strengthen bonding with your kids because this is the most reliable way to protect your kids from the threats in the real and cyber world. When your kids would have trust in you, they would feel comfortable sharing their issues. Otherwise, they would seek support somewhere else and it can have horrific consequences.

Do not Respond to Cyberbullying

The only aim of a bully is to tease the target by offending, humiliating and threatening the victim. Tell your kids that not responding to such bullying efforts is the best way to not let the bully achieve his target. When a bully finds that his target is not bothering him and not taking effect of his bullying stuff, he would go away. However, it is important that you do not delete the bullying stuff which can be in the form of messages, emails, calls or any other form. This stuff can be used as evidence if the cyberbullying continues.

Internet Safety Awareness

As well as parents, schools can also play positive role in stopping cyberbullying. Set anti-bullying policies to protect children and to punish the persecutor. The bullying activities should not be tolerated anywhere whether it is a school or an online socializing platform. Also, arrange classes to aware kids about internet safety and the ways to use internet technology in a responsible and secure manner.

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