How to Be More Creative with Social Media: 5 Tips

media can be a creative person’s dream the opportunity to not only market and promote a business, but to do so in the most creative and fun way possible, whether it’s through emotive text, photos or creative videos. media provides the freedom to promote your business in a different way to how you would through a professional website, for example.

That being said, the idea of embracing more creativity on social media can see a lot of marketers and business owners running up against a brick wall. With every piece of content needing to be fresh and unique, it’s easy to have the creative flow run suddenly dry.

Here are 5 tips to help you get more creative.

  • Broaden Your Perspective with Qualifications

Education and qualifications give you the skills to analyze situations differently, and that includes a varied perspective when it comes to social media posts and marketing. An online MBA can help to build a deeper understanding of business criteria and how to be more creative with your solutions. This creativity and open-mindedness can be applied to a successful social media marketing campaign.

  • Engage with Your Audience, Interact and Learn

The only way to be more creative with your content and to know exactly what you can and cannot post is by taking the time to understand your audience. Learning more about them means you will know exactly how to tailor content to their needs. Without knowing your audience, you’ll never know whether a particular post or campaign is targeted correctly or has any chance of being successful.

You should use time to browse through social media to simply watch and learn. See how your audience acts, what they’re most engaged with, the type of content they most frequently interact with and which content gains the biggest approval from them. You can then tailor your own social media posts to fit in with what you have learned.

  • Try Many Varieties of Content

If you only ever post text, links or photos, why not try video marketing? Embracing new avenues of content means you have the freedom to be more creative with what you’re posting. If you’ve been avoiding posting creative media content because it’s out of your comfort zone, then make sure it becomes your comfort zone – and fast. Visual marketing can be hugely more successful, especially on platforms like Instagram. Customers are more likely to stop their scrolling for a video or photo than they are for bland text or generic posts.

Consumers can also judge a lot about a person or business by how they choose to structure and develop their photos and videos. If you get it right and convey the right message, it can only work in your favor.

  • Use Your Personal Story to Your Advantage

One key area to make you stand out in any form of marketing is telling your own personal story and voice. You can use this is a creative avenue for any of your posts by applying your personal message. Social media is the perfect opportunity to let personality shine in a way that you might not be able to do through traditional marketing avenues.

  • Make Your Audience a Part of It

Don’t just use generic captions and straplines such as ‘click here to learn more’ or basic text explaining what your latest post is about. Instead, try:

  • Creating interesting taglines which make your audience pause for thought
  • Asking your audience questions and inviting comments and answers in the comment section
  • Making your audience feel like they are a part of your posts and your brand by speaking collectively about them – speak with them, not at them
  • Sharing experiences of your audience through your posts. This could be sharing great reviews you’ve received or personal experiences you’ve been inspired by. You could repost shots of some of your consumers wearing your product, or if they have shared information about your product or service, repost it and tag them

In Summary 

Being more creative with social media is about being more open-minded about what you’re capable of achieving and taking the time to learn more about the various avenues you can try. If you’re not using absolutely every form of social media marketing available to you, then you’re missing out on important opportunities to market your business better.

Only when you get to grips with the various methods of social media marketing can you then feel more comfortable exploring your creativity within them.

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