How Painters can Promote their Services on Social Media

It's no surprise that is a useful tool for promoting businesses of all shapes and sizes. Particularly those that operate online. Whether businesses exist locally or ship products to places around the world, social media can be a big hit for promoting businesses and selling products. However, many businesses that provide services overlook the power of the Internet and social media for promoting their services.

Social Media Options

Before diving knee-deep into Twitter without a plan of point, it is a wise choice to understand all your social media options and how to use them to your best advantage. The following are among the top options to consider for promoting businesses via social media:

Social media allows service providers, like painters, to get their messages, offers, and show samples of their work to millions of users. But each one requires a different approach to maximize effectiveness.

Approaching Social Media for Promotional Purposes

Each social media platform has different offerings and attracts different users. One thing is true for all social media platforms – visuals make sales. When using social media to promote painting services, before and after visuals are highly effective. As are videos that establish how one business stands apart from others.

For instance, you could post videos of the work you do, but also how you take great care to avoid leaving messes behind. It can show you dressing in protective clothing, so you do not track dirt and other things into homes, how you use drop cloths and liners to avoid dripping paint onto carpeting. Videos are especially attractive to audiences on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and SnapChat.

Side by side before and after photos are useful on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and SnapChat too. While visuals are important, content provides context and information that isn't available in videos. Don't forget to include written content as well to make sure you're conveying the message you desire.

Services like Yelp allow your customers to leave honest reviews about their experiences with you. They validate your business and provide social proof of the quality of work you do. You even have opportunities to display your customer service prowess in case you have customers who leave less than favorable reviews.

Avoiding Pitfalls of Social Media

Social media can be a useful tool for malerkanonen around the world. Video content is especially beneficial and will continue to dominate in 2020 and beyond. The rules of social media for effectiveness involve brevity above all else. The Twitter model for microcontent is still alive and well because it works. Learning how to use social media to promote painting businesses without falling into the trap of getting drawn into long conversations and Twitter wars will help you gain more business and reduce the risk of alienating customers. Use it well!

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