20 Aspect Hustles for Girls that Typically Pay a Excessive Hourly Wage

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, a side hustle may be right for you.

With a side hustle, you can off debt, pad your emergency fund, save for your child’s college, or even enjoy some luxuries like regular manicures or designer clothing.

I turned my four-year freelance writing side hustle into a full-time career that allows me to work from the comfort of my own home while making a great living and enjoying a strong work-life balance. I’m thankful I took a chance and pursued freelance writing on this side because of what it has added to my life.

Even if you’re not interested in writing, there are a variety of side hustles for women. Whether you work part-time or full-time or stay at home with your kids, a side hustle can improve your financial situation.

5 of The Best Side Hustles for Women

The best side hustles for women are often the ones that don’t require large upfront investments yet have a significant growth and earning potential.

1. Facebook Ad Management

By advertising on Facebook, businesses of all shapes and sizes can target their specific target audience by age, interest, or behavior criteria. If you know how to use the Facebook ad system (or can learn how to), business owners can hire you to implement and manage ad campaigns that capture leads and bring in new business.

How Much it Pays: $1,000 to $2,000 per month with one or two clients

Optional Resources: If you’d like to become a Facebook ad expert, enroll in the Facebook Side Hustle Course. After side hustling for awhile, the course’s creators, former band director Bobby Hoyt and former lawyer Mike Yana, both quit their jobs to run Facebook ads full-time. They created their course to teach others how to do the same.

The course comes with nine modules that focus on topics such as how to design ads, set up ad campaigns, and find your first clients. In addition to the course, you can explore the Facebook ad’s platform for their free tutorials and other helpful resources.

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing involves writing quality content for print or online publications. If you’re hired as a freelance writer, you may be asked to produce content that will be used for websites, blog posts, brochures, eBooks, email campaigns, and other forms of content. Your content will be used to attract readers or customers and grow websites or businesses.

How Much it Pays: $2,000-$10,000 per month depending on what type of clients you have

Optional Resources: If you love to write but are unsure of how to get started with freelance writing, consider the Earn More Writing course. It can help you land your first writing jobs, become an efficient writer, and make great money. The course was created by Holly Johnson, a mom who began freelance writing as a side hustle and eventually quit her full-time job at a funeral home to write full time. She’s consistently earned over $20,000 per month working from home over the past few years.

3. Blogging

A blog is a website that features your thoughts or experiences on a subject like personal finance, travel, or fashion. If you’d like to earn money blogging, you need to start a blog and update it on a regular basis with useful and engaging content so you can build traffic. After you’ve built some traffic, you can begin to monetize your blog through various strategies such as ads, affiliate marketing, or product sales.

How Much it Pays: $300-$10,000 per month depending on your blog history, traffic, and monetization strategies

Optional Resources: For tips on how to make money blogging, check out the Create and Go course. It was created by Alex, a previous personal trainer, and Lauren, a former accountant, who started a fitness blog called Avocadu. They both quit their 9 to 5 jobs and now earn over $100,000 per month through their blog. With their course, you can learn how to build a blog, drive traffic to it, and monetize it.

4. Proofreading

A blogger, author, or court reporter often requires proofreading services to ensure their documents are error-free and ready to be published or distributed. If you pick up a proofreading side hustle, you’ll get paid to carefully read text and correct any spelling, grammar, and style errors you find. You can proofread for various clients or pick a niche such as law or education.

How Much it Pays: $500-$1,000 per month depending on how many clients you have.

Optional Resources: If you have a keen eye for detail and think you’d enjoy proofreading, consider taking Caitlyn Pyle’s Proofread Anywhere course. Since 2007, Caitlin has been earning money proofreading and created this course to help people like you start their proofreading side hustles. The course comes with worksheets as well as over 40 interactive modules.

5. Virtual Assistant

The purpose of virtual assisting is to provide administrative support to clients. If you become a virtual assistant, you may be required to manage databases, book flights and hotels, call customers, or even plan events. With your help, your clients will be able to spend their time on other tasks that are more important to them.

How Much it Pays: $500-$10,000 per month depending on how many clients you have.

Optional Resources: To get started as a virtual assistant, you can enroll in Kayla Sloan’s $10K VA course. Kayla initially started a virtual assisting side hustle to pay off her student loans and now earns about $10,000 per month as a virtual assistant. Her course can teach you how to find virtual assistant jobs, charge appropriately for your services, and perform your tasks efficiently.

5 Side Hustle Ideas for Moms with Busy Kids

Motherhood is a time-consuming endeavor. The good news is there a number of side hustle ideas for moms you can fit into your busy schedule.

6. Online Consignment

With an online consignment side hustle, you make money by selling quality used goods at a discounted price. You can sell all types of goods including clothing, furniture, home decor, and books to people in your local area or beyond.

How Much it Pays: $100 to $2,000 depending on what you sell and how much you sell

Optional Resources: You can download an app like Decluttr, which can give you the opportunity to sell used media items like CDs, DVDs, books, and games. To use it, enter details about your items and wait for Decluttr to give you instant prices they’d like to pay for them. If you are okay with the prices, you’ll get a prepaid shipping label you can use to send off your items and make money.

In addition to Decluttr, there are other selling apps out there like letgo, thredUp, and Facebook Marketplace. Explore all your options until you find an app or two you enjoy using for your sales.

7. Flea Market Flipping

Flea market flipping is when you find great deals on goods like clothing and electronics and then sell them to someone else at a higher price that you paid for them. To find these goods, you may browse garage sales, outlet stores, and consignment shops and sell them on various selling apps.

How Much It Pays: $200 to $3,000 depending on what you sell and how much you sell

Optional Resources: Enrolling in Flipper University, a course that can teach you how to become an expert flea market flipper, is a good place to start if you want to break into this side hustle. It was created by Rob and Melissa, a couple that has been flipping items for profit for over 20 years. They’ve sold all types of items including a prosthetic leg that they bought for $30 and turned around and resold for $1,000 the next day.

8. Social Media Management

Just about everyone is on social media these days. Therefore, all types of businesses use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms to advertise their offerings and make themselves known. As a social media manager, you’ll get paid to create and post engaging content while interacting with fans or followers.

How Much It Pays: $2,000-$10,000 per month

Optional Resources: Udemy Social Media Management Bootcamp can help you become an expert in social media management. It covers a variety of topics such as how to create engaging content, what you need to do to prove your worth, and which social media platforms are ideal for different types of clients. You can also play around on each social media platform you have to get more familiar with them and their posting requirements.

9. Product Testing

Product testing involves a business sending you a sample product and paying you in exchange for your honest feedback. It’s a great way for businesses to perform market research and figure out how to improve their products. For example, Tide may send you a sample of their new laundry detergent. Once you test it out and review it, you’ll get paid.

How Much It Pays: $100- $300 depending on how many products you test and what company you work for

Optional Resources: To pursue product testing, you can sign up with Vindale Research. Once you’re accepted, you can apply for available opportunities and answer questions about physical products or digital services you’ve used before. The company will then reimburse you with cash. Another option is Pinecone Research, which will pay you through points after you complete surveys about the various products they send you. You can redeem these points for cash or prizes.

10. Housekeeping

Whether you live in a house, condo, or apartment, housekeeping takes a lot of time and energy. Many people would rather outsource their housekeeping tasks so they can focus on other things. If vacuuming, dusting, and similar tasks don’t bother you, you can offer housekeeping services to people in your local area.

How Much It Pays: $1,000 to $10,000 per month depending on location, how many clients you have, and the size of their houses

Optional Resources: To get started, check out Starting Your Own Cleaning Business by Universal Class. It’ll teach you about the different types of housekeeping services you can offer, how to price your services, where to buy cleaning supplies, and what you can do to grow your housekeeping side hustle. You can also start promoting your services to people nearby on Care.com.

5 More Side Jobs for Moms to Supplement Income

There are other side hustles for women that can help you supplement your income. While some require more time than others, they are all great options if you’d like to earn some extra cash.

11. Tutoring

The goal of tutoring is to help someone improve their skills and knowledge in a certain subject. You can tutor children, teens, college students, or even adults in a subject such as algebra, chemistry, or reading. If you scored high on a standardized test like the ACT or LSAT, you could also offer tutoring services to help others prepare for it. Tutoring can take place online or in person at a library, coffee shop, your home, or even at the homes of your clients.

How Much It Pays: $1,000-$4,000 per month depending on how many students you tutor, the subject you specialize in, and your credentials

Optional Resources: If you have a bachelor’s degree and would like to get into tutoring, consider VIPKid. It allows you to teach English online to students in China on your own schedule. There’s also Wyzant, an online tutoring platform that can connect you to students who are looking for tutoring services online or in person in a variety of subjects like physics and guitar.

12. Transcription

Transcription involves listening to recorded audio and typing it to text format for various clients such as lawyers and doctors. As a transcriptionist, you’ll likely get paid per audio hour so the amount you earn will be based on a set rate for one hour of audio transcription. Transcription jobs require attention to detail and fast typing skills.

How Much It Pays: $1,000- $2,000 depending on how often you work

Optional Resources: Transcribe Anywhere can teach you how to work from home as a transcriptionist. It offers a step-by-step guide to finding work, a transcription style guide, sample client contracts, and tons of practice worksheets. It was created by Janet Shaughnessy who has over ten years of experience training transcriptionists. You may also find our list of transcription jobs useful.

13. Delivering Food

Since people lead busy lives, they’ll gladly pay for someone to grocery shop or pick up food for them. You can help these people out while earning some extra cash by delivering food. You may drive to grocery stores or restaurants, pick up orders, and deliver the food to offices or homes.

How Much It Pays: $200 to $1,000 per month depending on your location, how often you work, and what company you work for

Optional Resources: There are a number of food delivery companies that are always on the lookout for people to help them with food delivery services. Postmates will pay you for the miles you travel, the time you spend waiting for orders at restaurants or grocery stores, and how many orders you complete in an hour.

With Instacart, you can earn money by going to grocery stores, picking out customer orders, and delivering them. Uber Eats offers a fixed fee for picking up food from restaurants and delivering it to homes or businesses. There’s also DoorDash, which provides restaurant food delivery services and will show you a guaranteed amount you’ll earn based on factors like order size and driving distance.

14. Sell Stock Photos

Stock photos are professional photos of common people, places, landmarks, or events that are used in a number of different places like websites and advertisements. If you like taking photos, selling stock photos can be a good side hustle. There are a variety of websites and apps that will pay you for your good shots.

How Much It Pays: $0.25 to $0.45 per photo so $50-$200 per month depending on how many photos you take and sell

Optional Resources: EyeEm is one example of an app you can use to make money through photography. It can allow you to sell photos without any hassle. All you have to do is download the app so it can go through the camera roll on your phone and choose the best photos. You’ll get to keep 50% of the profits your photos earn.

Check out our list of other places that will pay you for your photos.

15. Monetize Your Hobby

Your hobby can potentially earn you some extra money. For example, if you love to sew, you can sew blankets and sell them online. If you enjoy playing the drums, you can offer drum lessons to people in your neighborhood. Think about how you like to spend your free time and figure out whether you can turn your hobby into a side hustle.

How Much It Pays: Depends on your hobby

Optional Resources: If you’re unsure of what types of hobbies you can monetize, here are some fun hobbies that can make you money to get you started. From designing graphics and creating YouTube tutorials to working out and teaching others how to stay fit, the opportunities are endless.

If you’re a working mom who already earns an income at a day job, there are a number of extra income ideas for working moms you may want to consider.

16. Take Paid Surveys

Companies and brands depend on honest feedback from others to make smart decisions on their products and services. They will pay you for your opinion by sending you surveys you can complete in your spare time. While this isn’t the most lucrative side hustle, it can give you a bit of extra spending money.

How Much It Pays: $50-$200 per month depending on how many surveys you take

Optional Resources: Since there are so many online survey sites out there, do your research and consider all your options. You may want to try several to figure out the ones you like best. Our list of 13 Best Place to Take Paid Online Surveys for Money can get you started.

17. Mystery Shopping

As a mystery shopper, you get paid to visit a store or restaurant and pretend like you’re a regular customer so that you can later report your experience. You may be asked to evaluate things like how clean the store was or how the employees treated you. In most cases, you’ll be required to buy something, which you’ll later get reimbursed for.

How Much It Pays: $200-$1,000 per month depending on what mystery shopping company you work for and how often you mystery shop

Optional Resources: Unfortunately, there are many mystery shopping scams so be sure to find a reputable mystery shopping company if you want to pursue this side hustle. Avoid any company that asks you to pay an upfront fee in order to work for them. Our list of best mystery shopping companies can help.

18. Become an Airbnb Host

Airbnb is a website that connects people who want to rent out their entire home or a room to those who are searching for a place to stay in their area. If you travel frequently, you can make some money as an Airbnb host. This may also be a good option if you have a room in your home you rarely use such as a private-entrance basement or in-law suite.

How Much It Pays: $500 to $3,000 per month depending on the space you’re renting and its location

Optional Resources: Figure out how you can improve the area you’d like to rent out in an affordable way. Then, make some improvements and create a listing on Airbnb with quality photos and an engaging description. Our guide on How to Make Money as an Airbnb Host offers some great advice.

19. Pet Sitting

Pet owners aren’t always available to care for their pets. If they work long hours or are out of town, they may hire a pet sitter for their dog, cat, or other animal. If you love pets, pet sitting in your local area may be a good side hustle for you.

How Much It Pays: $500 to $2,000 per month depending on location, what types of pets you sit for, and how often you do it

Optional Resources: Rover is a website that can connect you to locals who are in need of pet sitters. You can create a profile on the site and select the ages, sizes, and types of pets you’d like to care for. Plus, you can participate in educational programs and improve your pet sitting skills. If you don’t want to use Rover, you can ask local vets if you can promote your services in their offices.

20. Babysitting

Parents lead busy lives and aren’t always available to watch their kids. Whether they are at work, out of town, or even running errands, they may pay for babysitting services. If you don’t mind watching other people’s kids, babysitting at their home or your own can be a good way to make some money.

How Much It Pays: $1,000 to $4,000 per month depending on location, how often you babysit, and how many clients you have

Optional Resources: Create a profile on Care.com, a website that can connect you to people in your area who are looking for child care. If you have any certifications like CPR or First Aid or degrees in fields like education, be sure to include that information in your profile so that it stands out. You could also advertise your babysitting services in local Facebook groups.

Why MLMs Aren’t Always a Great Idea

When you’re looking for the best side hustle ideas for moms, you may come across some multilevel marketing (MLM) opportunities. While they may seem like a great option at first, once you learn more about them, you’ll likely notice some big drawbacks.

They often require their representatives to buy hundreds of dollars (or more!) worth of products right off the bat. When you buy these products, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to be able to sell all or any of them.

Also, MLMs are known to take a large cut of the proceeds their representatives earn. So, you may find that an MLM ends up costing you a great deal of time and money and isn’t worth it, especially when there are so many other side hustles you can choose from.

There are Many Side Hustles for Women that Pay Well

Whether you’re married or single, have kids or no kids, work full-time or stay at home, you are bound to find a side hustle that meets your needs. It can help you thrive financially while pursuing a passion or interest and having some fun.

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