21 Self Improvement Suggestions To Convey You Success In Life

The best way to achieve success in anything is by continuously improving yourself in different aspects. Small adjustments can have a synergetic impact in driving you in the direction of your targets.

Personal Development

1. Start Now

There’s a reason this takes the number one spot. It’s because I feel if you were to take just one tip out of this whole list, this should be the one

You already know deep within you what your idea of success is and how to achieve it. But you keep waiting for the right circumstances, the best environment, the new year, a new manager, a pay rise, etc. Stop that right now and start working on your success!

Whether your goal is to get fit, get an advanced certification, apply for a new job or whatever, just go ahead and start working on it right now.

2. Be Intentional

Do you really want what you say you want?!

Sometimes we tend to define our goals depending on other people’s definition of success.

If your goals and your intentions are not aligned, you will lack the motivation to see things through. You will find yourself coming up with excuses and resorting to self-sabotage, making your goals harder to achieve.

3. Be Accountable

Your teachers, parents, siblings, and friends may have had an influence on where you are today.

But you and you alone are ultimately responsible for who you are and what you want to become. It is your job to know what you want and to take action towards achieving it.

Take responsibility and be accountable to yourself. For extra motivation, have an accountability partner.

4. Get A Mentor

Speaking of accountability partners, no one works better than a coach or mentor.

A mentor will keep you focused. A mentor helps you put things in their correct perspective. A mentor will guide you to avoid distractions and maximize on opportunities.

Ask a good friend of yours, it’s a great way to start

5. Embrace Challenge

One of the qualities that separate successful people from the rest is their ability to step up to challenges.

Where others see impenetrable obstacles, they see opportunity. Do not set easy goals!

Challenge yourself to reach for the stars. To grow, you need to keep raising your standards. Set the bar higher than it was before.

However, do not set unachievable goals either. Your goals need to be realistic and practical otherwise you will always fall back to excuses and end up achieving nothing. For more on this, check out our section on goal setting below


6. Love Thyself

Every relationship expert will quote this as the top tip in making relationships work!

If you’re a religious person, even religious texts such as the Bible and Torah espouse the benefits of loving oneself.

When you truly love and value yourself, others will follow suit!

You will have a low tolerance for disrespectful or manipulative relationships. Relationships should work to enhance your life, not to make it.

7. Pay Attention

Paying attention to your partner means much more than just listening.

Learn to read the non-verbal cues. Learn to ask the right questions to get to the bottom of whatever is being communicated. Learn to gauge your partner’s moods, especially in public forums where verbal communication may be impolite to others.

For instance, if you’re at an event and your partner wants to get out of an uncomfortable conversation with a third party

8. Disconnect

Nowadays everyone seems to be holding at least one gadget in their hands.

Make it a habit to disconnect from your gadgets to bond with your significant other. Put down your cell phone, switch off your tablet, log out of Instagram. The internet will still be there later. Make time for your partner.

9. Make and keep promises

We all want the best for our partners and want to give them the best of us!

Say out loud what you wish to do for him.

Let your partner know you’re thinking of them and have plans for them. Saying it out loud inspires confidence, strengthens your bond, and creates accountability!

Remember, this only works favorably if you make promises that you intend to and are able to keep. Avoid breaking promises as they create disillusionment and resentment.

10. Seek Support

It’s important to have strong support systems for your relationship to thrive.

Seek support from parents, peers, family, friends, and professionals.

Most people wait until there are huge threats to the relationship before seeking help. Do not make that mistake. Consult a relationship expert early on to map out your future as a couple and to have someone to call on when things don’t seem right.

Time Management

11. Plan Ahead

Planning your time in advance makes it easier to optimize and prioritize tasks.

Depending on your personality, you can create daily, weekly, or even longer-term time management plans.

Most people find a daily planner or a simple to-do list most practical. You can either plan your day first thing in the morning or the previous night.

12. Don’t Procrastinate

If you can recall, our first tip in this article was to TAKE ACTION NOW!

Once you’ve created your plan of action, act on it without delay. Do not leave to tomorrow what needs to get done today.

13. Prioritize

And that brings us to our priority list!

Not everything that needs to be done, needs to be done right away.

Determine what your priorities are. Start with what’s most important and urgent and work your way down to the least urgent and important.

14. Say No

I could write tons of words about this, I’ll probably do it later

but for now, I just want to say that we all get offers to work on something that is of little value to us.

Some of these actually drag down our productivity.

Learn to say no to activities that are doomed to go nowhere, so you can use that time and energy on more productive tasks.

15. Delegate

You can’t and shouldn’t have to do everything yourself.

Delegate low-value tasks that are neither urgent nor important. You can even delegate some that are urgent but not important enough to warrant your direct attention. Additionally, delegate tasks that require a skill set you may not possess.

16. Eliminate Distractions

The internet is a really helpful tool, yet it’s the stealthiest time waster of all…!

Especially social media. Use online tools to block out social media notifications and other online distractions.

There are offline distractions we all encounter every day. Unproductive meetings, long breaks, uninvited guests, and unscheduled calls can distract you from completing your daily tasks. Find ways to eliminate them to increase your success rates.

17. Time Track

Always track how you’re spending your time!

How many productive hours are you packing in per day, per week, and per month? Which days are the least productive? Are there any patterns? Are there ways you can increase your productivity during certain times of the day, or particular days of the week?

Goal Setting

18. Define Your Goals

Goal setting gives us direction and sharpens our dreams!

To attain success, I usually ask clients to sift through their life values and determine what’s important to them. You may at first think financial success is what your goal was meant to be.

By looking deeply inward, often people find that financial success is only important to enable them to find other avenues of success. Whether your goal is success in marriage, in your career, or in your physical ambitions, you need to start by clearly defining those goals

19. Clarify Priorities

As you define your goals, your priorities become clearer. It becomes obvious what you need to do to accomplish success in life.

20. Set Deadlines

Goals without deadlines are not real goals, they are just idle wishful thinking.

Attaching a deadline to a goal helps inspire intrinsic motivation. It also makes it easier to plan since you can now break your big goals into manageable steps along a timeline.

21. SWOT Analysis

Always align your goals with your personality. Regularly conduct a self-assessment, critically analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This helps you identify whether your goals are really what you want and if they are achievable by you!

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