New Viral App Deepfake YOUR Face Into Any GIF

A HILARIOUS new app swaps your onto videos of celebs with unsettling accuracy. Dubbed Doublicat, the free app requires just one selfie to morph your mug onto GIFs of global stars like Miley Cyrus and Leo DiCaprio.
A new app swaps your (or a celeb's) face onto a GIF. Pictured is Meghan Markle's face on the body of Miley Cyrus

Available on both iPhone and Android, Doublicat was designed by artificial intelligence (AI) buffs at Ukranian startup RefaceAI.

“We use GIFs in our everyday communication – they help us to express emotions and creativity,” RefaceAI boss Ivan Altsybieiev said.

“We put this idea in the heart of Doublicat. We believe that content personalisation is the future and our technology is an essential part of it.”

Doublicat uses AI wizardry to create deepfakes – convincing forgeries that paste someone's mouth or face onto a video of another person.
Benedict Cumberbatch as Jude Law in The Young Pope

Nicolas Cage is a great stand-in for Back to the Future's Doc BrownTo download the app, search for it in Google Play or Apple's App Store.

Once installed, it'll prompt you to take a selfie, which is the picture the AI will swap onto its GIFs.

From here, you're presented with a list of dozens of the short, repeating video clips.

Tap on one, and hit “reface” to merge your mug with it.
Robert Downey Junior with long locks

A sultry Ryan Gosling

Doublicat's GIFs are created by pitting two AIs against one another to improve the quality of phoney videos.

One makes the clip, while the other checks the result and returns it for improvement in a back-and-forth that's performed thousands of times a second.

Deepfakes are mostly fun and games for the moment.

However, experts have warned they'll one day be so accurate that they're indistinguishable from real videos.
Tech billionaire Elon Musk as Forrest Gump

They don't all look great... Here's Taylor Swift as Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg

Cyber crooks could then spread clips across the internet purporting to show politicians or celebs saying or doing something they haven't.

But the technology doesn't just threaten the rich and powerful.

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tech has already been used to make creepy “revenge porn” videos in which creeps paste the faces of ex-lovers onto the bodies of adult actresses.

According to Doublicat's creators, who are based in Kiev, the technology is here to stay despite concerns over its potentially sinister uses.

They say the app is for people's entertainment, allowing them to “become the hero” of their favourite video game or TV show.

“We're aware that deepfake is known for freaking everyone out,” researchers said in a press release.Leo DiCaprio stands in for Ricky Gervais at the 2020 Golden Globes

Simply snap a selfie and pick a GIF and the app will do the rest

Previous face-swapping apps have faced criticism over their handling of people's photos and data privacy.

According to the team behind Doublicat, pictures uploaded to the app are immediately wiped, and aren't shared with third parties.

“The app processes the photos of people and deletes it right away,” Altsybieiev told The Sun.

“We store only face embeddings – vector representations of facial features – which we don't share with anyone.”

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