TypeScript vs. JavaScript: Understand the differences

The world wide web basically runs on , HTML, and CSS. Unfortunately, JavaScript lacks several features that would help developers use it for large-scale applications. Enter TypeScript.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript started out as a scripting language for the Netscape Navigator web browser; Brendan Eich wrote the prototype over a period of 10 days in 1995. The name JavaScript is a nod to Sun Microsystem’s Java language, although the two languages are quite different, and the similarity in names has led to significant confusion over the years. JavaScript, which has evolved significantly, is now supported on all modern web browsers.

The introduction of client-side JavaScript in Netscape Navigator was quickly followed by the introduction of server-side JavaScript in web servers Netscape Enterprise Server and Microsoft IIS. Some 13 years later, Ryan Dahl introduced Node.js as an open source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment independent of any browser or web server.

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