The Power of Visual Content on Instagram

The popularity of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok and Snapchat and other visual social media platforms has exploded. Billions of people are using these platforms every day. From your friends and neighbors to celebrities, commercial brands, and TV shows, it seems like everyone is trying to leverage these platforms.

Instagram is the current king of the hill. By concentrating on its mobile users, this application managed to increase its user base to over 2 billion active users. Instagram is a preferred method of communication by many, but it is also a super powerful marketing tool. This is because Instagram supports visual content such as pictures and videos. This is one of the best advertising methods of all, and explains why many different business owners are joining this platform in order to promote their services.

Instagram provides the ability for anyone to gain many followers. These followers can then turn into customers if they like the look of your product, which will increase the sales and improve the business on the whole. However, it is not easy to gain a large amount of followers quickly. First, you can try to

increase followers on Instagram with the help of another company. Once you manage to gain enough followers on Instagram, it becomes far easier to advertise and promote your product.

Until recently Instagram allowed its users to upload videos that were no longer than 1 minute length. This made it difficult for businesses to promote their products because they were not fully able to present them. In 2019, Instagram announced a new feature called Insagram TV (IGTV for short). This allows users to post videos that are anything from 20 seconds up to an entire hour in length. It is important to note, however, that only verified accounts are able to upload videos that last an hour. For regular users, you are only allowed to publish videos that are up to 10 minutes in length.

With this in mind, IGTV can hugely increase the awareness of a brand, as it allows for users to present their products, show videos on how they work and how they are made, and how people can use them in their everyday life. Through the use of IGTV, businesses have the ability to present their products with ease and clarity.

The engagement rate of these videos is the key aspect to allow for your business to grow – How TObusiness. The engagement rate represents the balance between your followers and how they interact with your content. In order to receive more traffic by uploading videos on IGTV you should also use a relevant title, descriptions and use relevant hashtags.

The keywords that are used for searching content, called hashtags, are considered by many social media experts to be an incredibly powerful method of increasing the traffic on your page and gaining many new followers. It is also important that you get likes on your publications, which will allow you to increase your engagement rate which is imperative for any marketing strategy.

For these reasons, it is clear to see that Instagram is one of the most effective tools that can be used to increase your sales and create greater awareness of your business. Not only will your own page boost your businesses audience, but, if you choose to work with influencers who have huge follower bases, they can also help you promote your product on their page.

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