Lead generation strategy to adopt for small business growth in 2020

New year calls for new strategies or redefining the old ones to make your business continue growing. Lead generation is the most crucial aspect for a business to grow, as the inflow of the new leads is what will define the future of any business to sustain in the market.

But do you think getting new leads would become easy with the changed year? Obviously not, with the increased awareness among the newbie business owners about the ways that can help them get customers, the competition in the market has increased to another level.

Knowing the right technique that could work for your business thus becomes an important aspect for the business owner. So before we jump into some of the lead generation strategies that could help you get the right business, lets first clarify the vision behind the business lead generation strategy.

Yes, knowing what kind of lead you need is the first and basic thing that helps simplify the lead generation process.

So consider the following points before you make lead generation plans for 2020

  • What is the objective of your business (B2B leads/ B2C leads)
  • What is the purpose behind your business plan
  • Who is your target audience
  • What kind of results are you aiming

Sorted right! If you have your answers to the above points, I assure you are pretty clear about your requirements and ready for the next phase of the lead generation process.

Here are some Lead Generation Strategy for 2020 for business growth

Social media marketing remains intact

The power of social media has immensely evolved during the past years. The real audience network that it creates through its platforms has the strength to make or break any business overnight.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok has spread

its reach to millions of users to connect with each other irrespective of their location, so making the right use of this audience network is all you need to learn.

Study your audience based on the platforms, if you are looking for B2B business deals, marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn would be the preferable platforms, but if you are in search of B2C leads, platforms like Instagram would be worth investing your time.

Analyze your response on these networks and opt for the paid promotions options, plan your campaigns keeping in mind the goal you want to achieve through it and the audience that might be interested to know about your business.

Correct content marketing strategy could help

With the advancement of web development in the business world, every next business has its website developed on google to tell about their business to people. But just making a website live can not drive you the leads that you are expecting.

You have to reach your audience by providing them the information that they want to build trust in your service that can turn the visitor into a prospect lead. Make your content marketing strategy such that your purpose of getting the leads from the content serves equally to the need of the information that the visitor of your website has come for.

Keep a check on the frequency of content that you publish on the web and the language and tone you use in your content. Try to make it natural and conversational, the person that is reading your content must feel connected to your article or blog to remember it to avail your service.

Build your own online community

In order to sell your business, it’s very obvious you have to make efforts to make more people aware of it by showing its uniqueness. Starting an online community that talks about your business and its services can be a great option.

This community should include the people that have an interest in your business and its product and can share their views and knowledge for the betterment and its use. Doing this will make your business noticed by thousands of people in your niche and would help you gain more leads through references.

You can always be a part of any established Facebook groups and other online platforms as they are the best platforms to represent your business through your thoughts and ideas and share relevant information.

Doing these activities will help you increase the number of eyeballs for your business while improving the chances of getting leads for your business.

Move with the trend

This is the easiest and the most effective strategy to generate leads. People like to think and talk about the things that are moving in the market air. No one would be interested in your product if it doesn’t show the freshness of the moving trend. Whether we talk about fashion clothes or mobile phones, once the trend is gone, the interest of the people that would purchase would gradually decrease.

Come up with the new ideas that match the trend. Think of how you can connect your business concept with the current market things. This might help you maintain the interest of your audience as they will find it relevant and you will get a chance to get their attention to improve your business sales.

Product personalization always works

The chances of purchase increases by a great number if a person is shown something of their interest or likings. What if you think about purchasing a thing and it suddenly appears in front of your screen? You would likely be interested in it and would love to know more about it.

Giving people what they want improves the sales number, this personalization also works when you are pitching people via email or messages. Don’t sound like a typical marketer who is keen to sell his product, but better be a smart seller.

Use different software that helps you know your prospective customer interest and use it while you are discussing them about your product.

Summing Up

Business techniques are all about trial and error, you never know what works out for you, while what the next market change can bring into your business graphs. Business sales are always the first priority no matter what changes so it matters to have a properly planned strategy that aims to achieve the goals that you keep for your company.

A proper market research and a focused customer service is all you need to generate good leads. With the above-mentioned strategy, you will be able to maintain consistency in your service along with an increased sales number.

Author Bio:

James Vargas is an experienced business expert, startup business consultant, and manager at Get Everything Delivered. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.

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