Top 10 Trends for Co-Working in 2020

Remote work, freelance, and coworking spaces are already trends in themselves. Business owners and workers realize that flexibility is one of the keys to productivity and cost savings. Creating a coworking space is a great business idea in 2020.

Experts predict that 1,688 new coworking spaces will be opened this year around the world. Is it a lot or a little? From a global point of view, this is a small indicator. Especially considering that the last three months of 2019 showed a 115% increase in the number of remote employees.

There is a prediction that in 2020 more than half of the American workers will work remotely. This is a very cool initial data. But before you open a coworking space, you definitely need to know what trends to take into account.

Niche Coworking Spaces

Personalize or die. The most hyped marketing approach has already reached coworking. It is expected that in 2020, coworking will gain specialization. For example, there will be spaces for

  • Programmers
  • Women only
  • Freelancers with children or pets

Why will this trend gain momentum? The thing is that each person, by nature, wants to feel his involvement in a particular social group. All of us do not want to face condemnation.

Specialized coworking spaces enable everyone to be on the same wavelength because their identical problems will be solved in one place.

Focus on Health

Maintaining health in the workplace is not even a trend. It is an absolute necessity. Companies will equip sports corners and organize wellness days without leaving the workplace. All of this should be implemented in coworking as well.

However, there is another strong trend that you need to know about. Sedentary work, even with periodic interruptions, affects health in any case. Therefore, remember one word – standing desks. Demand is huge. And supply is not very good. Yes, this is a fairly serious investment at the start. But it is very likely that your target audience is waiting for this particular opportunity.


This is a strong trend that will continue. Moreover, 2020 is the year of eco-activists and vegetarians. And we will tell you even more. Focus on the environment is an excellent marketing hook. It will attract many millennials to your place. The rejection of plastic, waste sorting, reasonable consumption, and energy-saving are the basis of the basics. In addition, you can come up with your own eco-ideas. For example, collecting waste paper or things for donations.

Automation and Blockchain

If you have a small coworking with five desks, then you can write all the reports in a notebook. However, be sure that more serious competitors will use the full power of breakthrough technologies. They will make their lives easier and give users a more cool experience. In 2020, an increasing number of tasks inside coworking will be automated with the help of special programs, as well as a blockchain for more data security.

Of course, blockchain and artificial intelligence are quite expensive solutions for a start-up business. But perhaps it makes sense to think of something like a lightweight CRM system for your coworking.

Community Buiding

By 2020, coworking will gradually turn into a community. In other words, it is expected that coworking will be not just a place to work, but a place for networking and development for each of its members. It will be something like a remote team that actually works on different projects. Being in one place, it creates a special atmosphere for sharing knowledge and improving productivity. Moreover, coworking will not be available to everyone, but only to people who are potentially suitable to become a “member of a closed club”.

Brand Buiding

Coworking institutions are becoming not just a collaborative space, but a brand with a reputation. Heard about WeWork? This is just about it. In 2020, coworking owners need to think very carefully about branding and market positioning. As we already said, marketing covers all areas of our business. And emphasis on a strong brand name is a marketing trend for coworking in 2020.

Fortunately, all the rules for creating and developing a brand that we already know are also valid for coworking. You need a short and capacious name that reflects your essence. Think about corporate colors, thoughtful website design, social presence and so on. For example, pay attention to the Best Writers Online review website. This is the case when all the elements of the brand speak for themselves.

Hybrid Coworking Model

Sharing economies are everywhere. And it’s a great idea for owners of nightclubs, cafes, and restaurants. They can be converted into coworking during office hours. Yes, this requires very careful thought, investment, and multi-channel marketing.

However, imagine what the financial return on this idea might be. And all this within the framework of one premise that you own or rent. The most important thing in this idea is to come up with the most adaptive design that will transform your space from coworking to a cafe, and from a cafe to a night club. 24/7 profit and the complete absence of downtime – is not this the golden dream of any business?

Additional Services

Tea, coffee, cookies are a standard set. But in 2020 remote employees and freelancers will want more. For example, looking after animals or children, yoga classes and so on. Think about what you can offer as additional services. It can be lunch delivery, literary or theatrical evenings, games that increase financial literacy.

Connection to Nature

We have already talked about the trend towards environmental conservation and a healthy lifestyle. These trends give impetus to the development of the next one. This is the maximum proximity to nature in a metropolis. Green plants and flowers will be held in high esteem among coworking members. Moreover, it has long been proven that green plants increase productivity. They reduce fatigue, saturate the air with oxygen, and simply delight the eye.

The main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, you risk turning your coworking into a greenhouse.

Futuristic Design

The design of the coworking space continues to go beyond. There should be recreation and sports areas, meeting rooms, open-air workplaces, mini-libraries, interesting decor, and lighting. Look at futuristic ideas on Instagram and Pinterest. And you will be able to come up with your own unique design based on the characteristics of your premise.


Opening coworking is a very promising business idea in 2020. Moreover, it is not so difficult from a practical point of view. However, never forget the main marketing rule, which also applies here. You must help customers solve their problems and give them what they want. And in the case of the modern generation, give what they want and even a little more.

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