HealthChampion: Gets a Free Covid-19 Symptom Tracker

The app will not only track body temperature and other vital signs – either manually or through an integrated digital device – but also provide links to reliable sources of on Covid-19.

In addition, the update contains a personal health journal that allows users to keep track of their observations, a timeline where users can monitor trends, and profile sharing, so that users can track the health status of their children, parents, or whomever else they’re concerned about during the current crisis.

Plus, HealthChampion is releasing a tool to help frontline workers provide reports on public health incidents in their workplaces.

Covid-19 aside, HealthChampion is a new symptom tracking app that aims to help users control their medical data.

It arises from the widespread digitization of medical records and the growing presence of wearables, such as smartwatches, that generate huge quantities of data on the health of their users.

HealthChampion puts this information to good use, offering observations about how a user can optimize their health based on the data their smart devices are providing.

It integrates with just about any smart device you can think of, including those made by Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, and Polar, and combines that data with personal health observations and electronic health records to build up a complete picture of a user’s condition, stored securely in the cloud.

HealthChampion is the ideal tool for just about anybody, from fit and active adults looking to maximize their performance to people with chronic illnesses who need clinically designed care pathways to help them manage their conditions.

And, of course, thanks to this latest update, it’s ideal for those of us experiencing Covid-19 or supporting someone who has fallen ill.

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