5 Youtube Hacks in 2020

was already a popular website for millions around the world and thanks to the pandemic, it’s popularity soared even more. So much so that the firm had to cut the video resolution so it doesn’t impact the servers. While many of us stream videos on the platform like any other person, some are not aware of some YouTube features that will make the experience better. So, since you are probably at home or office, next time you binge watch videos on YouTube, these tips might come in handy.

Quick access to incognito mode

In case you don’t want the search terms to never show up again and don’t want your YouTube to change recommendations based on what you see, incognito mode is the best. You don’t have to change the account on the browser level but can simply tap on the profile picture, followed by ‘Turn on Incognito’ and that’s it.

Limit YouTube usage when on mobile data

You can limit the amount of data that YouTube uses while the handset is on the mobile data mode. All you need to do is to tap on the profile image on the top right corner > Settings > General >Toggle on limit mobile data usage. This will stream HD video only when connected to Wi-Fi.

Customisable ‘Double-Tap to Seek’ timer

Usually, to skip a part of the video, users double tap on the left or right side of the video to skip or move back by 10 seconds. However, these ‘10 seconds’ can be changed to 5, 15, 20, 30 or 60 seconds. You can tap on the profile picture on the top right corner > Settings > General > Double-tap to seek. You can here choose one of the timer options.

Share the YouTube link that opens the video exactly from where you want

It often happens that when we want to share a video with someone, we simply copy the URL and paste it on whatever platform we wish to. It become specially annoying for the other person to skip to that particular moment from where you want them to see the video. However, this can be easily solved by mentioning the time in the end of the URL before posting it to others. In case you want the video to play from the 45 seconds mark, you can add ‘&t=45s’ at the end of the URL before sharing. In case the video is supposed to begin from 1 minute 45 seconds, you can add ‘&t=1m45s’ at the end of the URL.

Clear history in simple steps

Often it happens that whatever we search on YouTube, we don’t really want it to be seen in the drop down as soon as someone else taps on the search bar. In this case you can delete the search history by navigating through profile picture > Settings > History and privacy > and Clear Watch History. You can also clear Search History, pause watch/search history, review and delete from the activity. And you are done.

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