Common Mistakes Most of the Amateur Bloggers Make

You heard that blogging is a lucrative business. As a smart person, you opt to dive in. But you make one of the greatest mistakes amateur blogs make. After a few months of blogging, your Blog has not earned a sent. You start asking yourself, “where am I wrong? Where can I improve”?

Do not fret if you are in this situation. There are several areas you need to countercheck to correct your mistakes. I will take you through some of the common mistakes amateur bloggers make. Stay tuned.

Failing to or Selecting the Wrong Niche

Before you start blogging, understand what you love reading and writing. You cannot write good content about dogs when you don’t like pets. If you love adventure, the travel niche would be best for you. Select a niche that you have a passion for reading.

There is a lot of information about profitable niches online. Though there is some truth, it does not work well for everyone. A profitable niche in the absence of passion leads to an epic fail.

The best way to make your niche profitable is by making it exciting and engaging. Learn how to connect with your readers, and finally monetize your Blog.

Avoiding or Ignoring SEO

Avoiding or Ignoring SEO - Common Mistakes Most of the Amateur Bloggers Make
Avoiding or Ignoring SEO ~

SEO sounds like Calculus to amateur bloggers. Thus, they try to avoid it. Some do not have an idea of what it is. It doesn’t matter what your position is, but you are making a huge mistake.

It would help if you had SEO basics to make your blog rank well with search engines. The more you know about SEO, the better.

Hyperlinks improve the SEO ranking of a blog! Please do not overdo it. Google algorithm will rank low any site that spams on hyperlinks after a few weeks.

Make sure every week you learn something about SEO. By the time your Blog matures, you will be an SEO expert. You will never worry about ranking.

Failing to Self-Host

Maybe you also have the idea that hosting a site is expensive. But have you done some research on hosting? It is okay to start a free blog with Blogger or WordPress, but make sure you upgrade with time. Free amatuer blogs do not rank well with search engines. They also deny you an option to monetize your Blog. Remember, they are also in business.

Several hosting companies are pocket friendly. You do not need to break a bank to host a website. When at it, ensure your web host offers enough security and excellent customer support. Check the features that will fit your blogging career. Select a web host that provides the best services within your budget.

Crafting Poor Quality Content

I am sure you have heard that content is king. Yes, your readers deserve the best. They need meaningful information in few words. They do not have time to read through tones of words to find meaning. Try your best to produce unique content. You will experience a lot of bounce back if you generate generic content.

Although there is no new idea, you can create a unique view from available resources. You can go ahead and interview your target audience. Then, craft content to answer their queries.

Getting many followers is essential. But it is useless having 10,000 followers, yet only 200 of them view your content. Maybe none of them share your content.


You may be the best wordsmith. Your content may be so engaging. With this skill, you will gain many loyal followers in no time. But the human brain is conditioned to consistency. They will fix anything in their schedule if they know its timing. Hence, if you are inconsistent, you will not get a slot in their tight schedules.

When you own an amateur blog, avoid this mistake that new bloggers do. You post many informative posts in a short time; then you go, mum. Your loyal followers will fall out when they lack further information. You will lose them to your competitors.

Choosing a Complex and Hard to Remember Name for Your Website

Many amateur blogs have funny and confusing names. It makes readers forget the name of the blog easily. Thus, they will not find the Blog the next time they need to read your content.

You are not the first one to make these mistakes. Many professional bloggers made this mistake. If you are here, you can rectify your mistake once you realize it.

Ensure your blog name is simple, clear, and short. It will give you a better chance for many site visits, and that is what you are striving to attain.

Ignoring the Email List Strategy

Many readers open their Emails at least once a day. Pro-bloggers realized it and started to use the email list strategy. As an amateur blogger, start your blogging career with an email list. Your circle can be as simple as your close friends and family. Use social media platforms to invite people to join your email listing.

With significant email subscribers, you will reach many readers. There’s no effect even when Google penalizes you. Thus, include the email list in your initial stages of blog creation.

Not setting up a Monetization Strategy for your Blog

The sole purpose of creating a blog is to make money research on the several ways you can make money using your blog. The most common method is affiliate marketing and drop shipping. You can include google ads to gain extra coins. However, avoid spamming readers with advertisements. Irritated readers will not revisit your Blog.

Final Word

Many amateur blogs have plenty of mistakes; it does not mean you have to make the same mistake. As a smart blogger, learn from others and avoid the mistakes they did. Pro bloggers share essential tips to improve your blogging experience. And remember to maintain your followers and make sales.


Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at, He is an Award Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneur’s launch their first successful online business.

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