Security Issue in MacBooks Allows Hackers Access to Personal Data

Jeff Johnson, a professional Mac, and iOS developer, recently published a detailed blog post on a macOS security bug that can allow hackers to use a bogus version of Safari and steal user data.

According to the blog post, all hackers have to do is trick users into downloading a malicious file that contains the safari clone. Since Apple’s Transparency, Consent, and Control privacy protection only perform a superficial and inadequate check on a file’s authenticity. The modified version of the browser is then given access to all restricted files available to Safari.

The developer explains:

My bypass demonstrates that a maliciously crafted app can also access those files, without being given authorization. There are actually two maliciously crafted apps here: a modified version of Safari, which accesses the protected files, and the app that modifies Safari and launches the modified version of Safari. Any app that you download from the web could accomplish this privacy protections bypass.

Johnson informed the Cupertino about the exploit almost six months ago, yet this exploit remains unchanged on the current macOS 11 Big Sur beta as well, which is shocking.

The blog details that the company claims that it is still investigating the issue. Hence, it’s unlikely the issue will be solved before Big Sur is released to the public this fall.

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