5 Different Types of Social Media Content to Create

To become successful in your campaign, you should post the right on the right platform. As there are a ton of these platforms available, it may be confusing to understand the type of content that would work best in specific platforms.

This is why we have explained below the different types of content you can for and where to post them.

Written Blogs or Articles

This is the most common form of social media content where, based on your knowledge and expertise, you can write blogs or articles. Writing takes a lot of time, especially when there are hundreds of contents out there talking about the same subject, hence your content needs to be the best quality and most informative. You can use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook for these types of content. A short snippet of this can also be posted on Twitter.


The simplest way to grab user attention is via video content. Users prefer to watch a video over reading content as they need to make lesser efforts. Creating a good quality video is an expensive affair, but the reach of a video is really high. The content should not be blindly an advertisement for your company, but it should be something informative that the users find interesting to read and understand. YouTube is the best platform to create content as it is the king of video content. You can also share the same video on other platforms.

Sharing Links to External Content

When you do not have the time to create new content, you can always share the work of others on social media by giving them the due credits. The advantage is that you can still keep your audience engaged, even if you have not worked on something new. The disadvantage is that you are letting your audience find a new page that shares valuable content just like you. The best platforms to publish these types of content are LinkedIn and Facebook.


Audiences love to engage with image content and which better platform to do this other than Instagram? Pinterest is also another popular social media platform where you can pin an image from your website so that the users click on the image and land on the website page. Remember, the competition is high, which is why the image quality needs to be really high.


Infographics use visuals to explain a concept. This is quite interesting, informative, and popular with the audience. You need to be graphically sound to be able to create such content. It can be shared on both Facebook and LinkedIn to reach out to your audience.

Start Building Successful Social Media Presence Today!

Implementing these content strategies will make sure that the hard work you have given into creating the content pays off. As you get involved in social media more and more, over time, you will learn the type of content that resonates with the audience of a particular platform. Doing trial and error is the best way to learn what works for your content type.

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