Professional Freelance Career In Translation & Editing

Having a professional freelance is no easier than working a regular nine-to-five-job.

It takes discipline, commitment and a lot of hard work. But freelancing does have its advantages choosing whom to work for and working wherever one wants are just two.

The second of this two-part series continues the discussion on the areas where freelancers are in demand.

Website and blog post editing

Someone who likes to write and has great spelling, and communication skills – and especially if they know something about search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing – can work from home (WFH) as an editor.

Editors must know how to do online research as well because they work with a wide range of subject matter.

The main goal is to increase traffic on the client’s website to increase sales and gain repeat customers without being too in-your-face about the fact that the company is selling something.

This field requires a passion for language and a knack for subtlety.

Advertising copy editing

Those with marketing experience, editing skills, and sales and SEO expertise, would do well in persuasive editing and advertising copy editing. This is the text in advertisements seen on the internet, social media and apps. The job entails creating attention-grabbing copy that draws in the audience and generates as many clicks as possible.

Translation services

Thanks to translators, people and companies can overcome language barriers, access information in other languages and expand to markets abroad.

It requires complete proficiency in the language to be translated into, which is why it is a bad idea to apply for translation tasks with limited knowledge of the language.

However, for those who learn the language well and acquire the necessary skills, the workflow is constant.

Editing and correcting text

Grammar, spelling, Orth typography and style wizzes can work from home and help other authors who need help editing and improving their text.

Ideally, an editor would have experience as a writer. Specialised courses on editorial revision are available.


Many people include book writing and writing blog posts in their personal branding. Although they may be experts in their field, they often hire a professional writer to write a high-quality piece for them.

Generally, the two parties agree on the information and structure the book will have and the editor has a certain amount of creative licence to develop the content.

Sometimes there is shared authorship and other times ghostwriters cede all rights to the material.


One of the easiest and most in-demand editing jobs is subtitling. Video content often has to have subtitles for SEO and accessibility purposes, and it is as easy as learning to use a programme that helps place a text box in the video, listen and transcribe.

Those who are fluent in a second or multiple languages would have more opportunities.

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