How to Create New Team With Template in Microsoft Teams

If you want a jumpstart on creating a new team in Teams, try a . A template gives you a great way to get the channels you need and the apps you want while saving a few steps.

Microsoft Teams Templates

With some of the most common types of teams, these are the templates currently available.

  • Manage a Project
  • Manage an Event
  • Onboard Employees
  • Adopt Office 365
  • Organize a Help Desk
  • Incident Response
  • Global Crisis or Event
  • Organize a Store
  • Bank Branch
  • Patient Care
  • Hospital
  • Quality and Safety
  • Retail for Managers

If you see a template here that looks ideal for your workspace, let's get to using one!

How to Create a Team Using a Template

Open Microsoft Teams on your desktop or sign-in on the Teams website and select Teams from the left side. In the panel to the right, go to the bottom and click Join or create a team. If you happen to be on the Manage Teams screen, you can also click the Create a team button at the top.

In the pop-up window, pick a template from the section at the bottom. You'll see the template names with brief descriptions.

You'll then see the channels that come with the template and any recommended apps for the particular topic. While this does automatically create the channels, it does not automatically install the apps. Visit the Apps section of Teams to access a recommended app. Note that you may not have access to the apps, depending on your permission policy.

Click Next.

Next, decide if you want a Public or Private team. If you want anyone in your organization to be able to join, choose Public. But if you want to restrict members of the team, choose Private.

Give your team and name and optionally include a description. Then, expand Customize channels at the bottom to view or edit the channels that will be created. The General channel is there by default for every team and cannot be edited. But you can change the names of the other channels if you wish.

Hit the Create button, and you'll see a message that your team is being set up. You can Close that window and continue working because you'll be notified when your new team is ready. This should only take a few minutes.

If you don't receive an alert when the team has been created, check out our how-to for customizing your Microsoft Teams notifications.

Once your new team is ready, you'll see it in the list in the Teams section along with its channels.

Microsoft Teams Templates for Quick Team Creation

While you can certainly create a team from scratch, the template options in Microsoft Teams give you a quick start. You can get the starter channels you need based on the topic and see which apps will be most helpful for your new team. Will you give it a try?

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