Choosing A CBD Health Supplement For You

Is there any one particular method, supplement, or even brand that is the cream of the crop, as they say, it surpasses all others and is what some may call a wonder pill? The answer is simple, no. If there was we would all be living our best lives and not worry about the world.

We can, however, use what has been an integral part of life and civilization for centuries and aided and nursed many patients back to health, and that is nature. Going back to our roots essentially and working with Mother Nature rather than against her is what gave us the turning point we know today in the health sector.

The greater good

It is easy to get swept up in the trending world of fitness gear and supplements but do we know what all is used to make them? Sure, we can read the ingredients listed on the label but 90% of the words are unpronounceable and we have no idea what they are, why then would you put that into your body?

Wouldn’t you rather have 5 ingredients all of which you have heard of before and may even use in other areas of your life and know that they are chemical-free? This way you have peace of mind that what you are putting into your body is there to help and treat any ailments you may be feeling.

You ideally want to purchase and use products from a reliable and reputable source. Companies such as cheefbotanicals that understand the importance of health and using natural, organic ingredients are a great choice for you to learn more about plant-based products, plant compounds such as CBD, and implementing them into your life.

This doesn’t mean to say you have to somehow try to ignore your gag reflex and swallow handfuls of capsules daily, there are multiple ways that you too can enjoy and reap the rewards from organic products such as Cannabidiol.

Finding something that fits your lifestyle as well as your preferences is easy to do, you could buy the products, to begin with, and as you get familiar with tastes, and how best to add them to your meals, and then you can start to experiment with basic recipes and creating your baked goods and treats.

Ingredients that are grown, harvested, and sourced using ethical extraction methods are the best way to ensure you aren’t eating preservatives or additives that so many large corporations add to their products and the reason why they last so long on the supermarket shelves.choosing-cbd-health-supplement-for-you

3 Ways to add CBD to your lifestyle

There are various ways to take Cannabidiol, you need to find the one that works for you, that isn’t an effort, and that works with your life schedule. We know parental life, or living in general, can get busy and the last thing we need is to try to somehow incorporate a new ingredient, as healthy as it may be.

We need a product that is either a quick grab-and-go, or is added whilst doing other jobs like cooking dinner or baking cookies for the bake sale tomorrow (CBD cookie versions as a separate batch of course, but still so good.

See below for an easy recipe to get your baking and creative juices flowing).

  • As mentioned there are plenty of boutiques and health shops that stock CBD-infused edibles from gummies to brownies, cookies, and even lollipops. There is something for everyone, and you may even want to try it all, and once you have you can decide what works and which to add to the lunch box for your daily boost.
  • This is one of my favorite versions and it comes in the form of essential oils, bath bombs, and topical to smooth into your skin after a long soak in a hot Cannabidiol fizzed bath. You will feel completely relaxed and the CBD can soak into your skin to work from the inside out.
  • Not many people know that CBD also comes in electronic cigarette form for those who don’t feel like they can completely quit smoking although they want to, they can now have the habit of having a vape pen in their fingers but it has a healthier alternative to nasty tobacco. There are varying strengths and flavors suited for the occasion from mental boost, energy renewal, to distressing after a long week of work.

Quality versus quantity

You may have found what method works for you, but most importantly be sure that the product and ingredients you purchase are legitimate and are of reliable quality. Look for the source of origin on the product label, see this link for a more detailed explanation, but ethically produced items ensure you are free from harmful pesticides and growth-enhancing hormones.

The CBD concentration should be stated on the label, this includes the amount of THC present of which you want as little as possible due to its negative side effects.

Many extraction methods have been discovered and implemented in to the production process with some being quicker than others, but ideally, you want a product that has been extracted using CO2- this method is the best on the market with the least amount of sediment left at the end of manufacturing.

Either way, be sure you choose what feels right for you and enjoy your CBD adventure.

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