How to Get Alerted Instantly When Google Flags One of Your Landing Page Domains

How to Get Alerted INSTANTLY When Google Flags One of Your LP Domains

How to Get Alerted Instantly When Google Flags One of Your Landing Page Domains

Stop wasting money on sending visitors to google's red screen of death! Member whisperscuba has built a software that can monitor all your domains 24/7, and send you an email and text message alert if a domain is flagged. it out now!

Premium POPs + Sweepstake. Around $1000/Day and $128000 Revenue in Month

Member roman binom showing some sexy screenshots of stats on a pop campaign. So no, pop traffic is definitely NOT dead!

Why the Weekend Drop in CR Adult Dating?

Member vantagezone had his first taste of scaling an adult pop campaign to nearly $300/day. Lots of great advice from moderator Matuloo and the rest of the community, and of course lots of valuable insight from vantagezone himself.

Whisper's Journey to a Profitable Pops Campaign

Started this follow-along merely 3 weeks ago, member whisperscuba is discovering the magic of scaling to multiple new traffic sources, and is even seeing some green!

A Lurker Takes Action

Member michaelthecoder, after struggling for months to make sweeps+pop work, decided to start a follow-along thread to get some guidance from the forum – and is finally achieving profits!

Remote: App Promo & Media Buyer Directors Wanted!

Logan are after a creative and ambitious Performance Media Buyer AND a App Promotion Director to join their fast-growing advertising company. Both are full-time positions and they're accepting worldwide remote applicants.

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