Using PR to Build your Brand

For companies looking to build their brand in 2018, there’s no better tool than a solid PR strategy. The right plan can help to nurture new leads, facilitate rapid growth and improve an organization’s reputation both online and off. Of course, there are still many businesses out there that don’t know how to use PR as a brand-building tool.

As the world of marketing continues to evolve, the strategies available to modern firms are sure to grow and transform. However, for 2018, the following tactics could have the best results.

Be a Dedicated Publisher

The easiest way for any company to make the most of their PR campaigns this year is with a content marketing strategy. While starting a regular video strategy or blog might seem like hard work at first, publishing articles is a great way to get the attention of both customers, and media representatives. Plus, thanks to LinkedIn accounts and WordPress websites, it’s never been easier for brands to start creating their own content online.

The more innovative content an organisation produces, the more they’ll build their reputation as an authority figure within their chosen niche. This means that they’re more likely to end up with a dedicated following.


One of the most important PR strategies any business can learn how to use – is the ability to communicate and network. As well as creating content for their own websites, companies who spread brand awareness by contributing to other blogs in relevant industries or spaces will be able to improve their chances of getting more attention from the right people at the right times.

As a brand’s credibility begins to grow, they can even begin to offer contributions to big media outlets like Forbes, or

Be Social

Social media is often a big part of the PR conversation in 2018. For brands who want to build their reputation and maintain a strong community of followers, it’s important to have a social media strategy. Social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram can all be valuable, but most brands won’t have enough time to focus on every channel. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to choose one profile based on customer personas and focus on that specific area.

Network More Often

As mentioned above, most PR agents already know how valuable networking can be, but there are still plenty of companies out there who fail to make the most out of networking opportunities. A great way to build a brand with a network in the digital age is to join relevant groups on social media pages and industry forums. This way, companies can listen to what customers are already saying about their brand and take steps to control the growth of their reputation.

Build an Influencer Strategy

In the past, when PR agents wanted to create buzz for a brand, they had to connect that company with a local celebrity. This often cost a lot of time and money. However, in the modern world, micro-influencers can also be a powerful way to grow a company’s presence online. Companies who learn how to find relevant influencers in their field can begin to earn more customer trust by piggybacking on influencer shout-outs.

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