UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 114: Product Demos Done Right with Aaron Krall

Portrait of Aaron Krall

What makes a perfect product demo? How do you engage and convert a potential customer instead of boring them to death with a monotonous screenshare? Today our guest is Aaron Krall, a SaaS enterprise sales coach. You’ll learn when SaaS demos are a good fit, how to organize and structure your call, and how to move the sale forward by making it all about the user.

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Show Notes

  • SaaS Growth Hacks — Aaron’s famous Facebook group
  • Breakthrough Advertising — a book by Eugene M. Schwartz
  • 24sessions — Aaron’s favorite no-download tool for scheduling and conducting video calls
  • Zoom, GoToMeeting — other popular tools for video calls
  • Calendly, Book Like A Boss, YouCanBook.me — popular scheduling tools
  • Userlist.io — Jane’s SaaS product with Benedikt Deicke and Claire Suellentrop
  • Aaron’s blog
  • Follow Aaron on Twitter: @aaron_krall

Today’s Sponsor

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