New Video Features and Enhancements

Hello all! I just wanted to talk about some of the features and enhancements that the Video Services team has been up to. Based off of your feedback and requests, we have been working hard to make those requests come to life for you. We’re dedicated to your success and want to provide you with the best e-learning platform for you to learn and grow. Here are some of the latest upgrades that we’ve made to our training videos:

New Edge Location in India

We really wanted to improve streaming in India, as many of our students live there. We understand that there can be connectivity issues, or low throughput at times. For non-cached items, we have eliminated a delay of 1-2 seconds per video chunk. This should greatly decrease latency and buffering in this region and greatly increase your learning experience by speeding up your load times!

New Features

video features playback

You will now be able to skip forward in videos in addition to skipping back. Many of you have asked for this feature to help with reviewing material, and I find that it absolutely does! Sometimes you just have to skip around in a video to find a certain section to review. You will no longer have to bring up the seek bar to do this. Speaking of the control bar…

Bug Fixes

Some fixes were also made to hiding and showing the control bar. It will no longer drive you crazy when pausing or playing a video in full screen ???? This is something that always drove me nuts personally so I’m very happy to get this one resolved!

What’s Next

We have many more improvements coming to the video player and infrastructure! Next up, we will be improving streaming capabilities in Europe, adding move video player feature to our beta learning tools, and more!

Your feedback is important to us so please let me know your findings on these video player changes in the comments below. We’re always listening so if you have any other video or feature requests, make sure you visit our idea board to suggest and vote on the ideas that you’d like to see the most!

Happy Learning!
Richard Layton
Video Services Project Manager

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