3 summer activities for PR pros

Summer is in full swing—but don’t let the heat slow you down.

With many communicators in vacation-mode, you might find yourself in a summer
slowdown (though it probably won’t last long), so this season is a great
opportunity for your organization to recharge those PR and communications
muscles. Connecting with old media contacts, rewarding your supporters,
cleaning up media materials and brainstorming new creative ideas to tell
your story are great ways to make progress through the dog days of summer.

Here’s how to tackle these summer projects:

Have fun and think outside the box.

Everyone is enjoying the warmth of summer, so think of pop-ups and
popsicles to get your message across to your audience.

This season is a perfect time to try new “fun” strategies. Try out that new
social media platform to see if it is the right fit for your organization.
Put on a summer event with a partnering restaurant or shop to help increase
visibility and make new connections.

It’s also considered a slow news time, so it might be a good opportunity to
follow up with a reporter who until now has been too busy to write about
your story. Approach them with a new creative idea or ask them what stories
they are working on (and how you might be helpful).

Get organized with better planning.

Take this “down” time to make sure your editorial calendar, media lists,
media materials and timelines are up to date.


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Figure out a timeline and strategy for your fall initiatives or campaigns
that fit in with upcoming holidays and allow extra time for follow ups. A
finalized timeline for when content or materials should be drafted and due
will keep your team on track and organized. Your up-to-date editorial
calendar will help you create necessary content for media outlets. Thinking
about Thanksgiving and holiday content in July is always a great way to
stay ahead.

Stay connected on social media.

Summer is a great time to work on your media relationships and really
research reporters who cover your niche.

Since reporters’ beats are changing constantly, the summer makes for a
great time start a relationship with a new reporter. Take the time to
follow up with media contacts via social media or email. This may be a good
opportunity to finally grab that coffee or drinks with a contact and learn
more about what they do.

Make sure you maintain your social media presence because consistency is
key. Use some evergreen content or repurpose older material on your social
media during the summer so you can focus on new tasks and getting
organized. Pre-scheduling some tweets and Facebook posts will also help
avoid a lull over the any holidays.

Don’t let the season go to waste and help your organization prep for new
strategies to accomplish this year’s goals. Summer won’t last forever so
take advantage of it.

Daniella Burgos (@dburgos17) is an
associate at
Scott Circle Communications
(@ScottCircle), a
Washington, D.C. based public relations firm working with
mission-driven clients.

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