What are companies calling a "Physical Immersive Experience Designer" today?

I saw an exhibition at an art museum recently, and it was more than just an art gallery. They had elements of the gallery built out into physically interactive experiences, along with decor that transformed the space into "another world".

There are immersive theatre experiences, such as the Westworld experience at E3 recently. It blends traditional theatre with improv and non-linear exploration.

Room Escapes are cropping up in every major city, offering groups the opportunity to solve immersive puzzles in a physical environment.

Big brands are using aspects of UX and service design to make their storefronts immersive brand experiences, rather than just retail touchpoints – like Nintendo World in NY.

Media companies create special once-in-a-lifetime immersive experiences of their IPs at conventions, like this one: https://www.neowin.net/news/nintendos-e3-booth-isnt-your-standard-fare-instead-offering-an-immersed-zelda-experience

This is design yes. But it's not graphic design – it's Experience Design. But it's not just Ux, which has a connotation for being web-based. So it's Immersive Experience Design. But that has a connotation of being 100% Virtual Reality. So it's more accurate to say Physical Immersive Experience Design.

I say all of that to say that I am in love with "Physical Immersive Experience Design", and I would love to pursue this as a career path. How would I even get started, and what would the "job title" be?

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