50 Most Beautiful Blogger Templates to Download (2018)

WordPress may be one of the powerful content management platforms, however, Blogger has not lost its popularity. Especially among the beginners, Blogger provides the easiest way to create your own blog and manage it with ease.

So if you are planning to start your own blog on Blogger or just want to give it a new look, take a look at this long list of absolutely beautiful yet advanced Blogger templates that can be easily downloaded.

1. Angel [Download]

2. Baking Blog [Download]

3. Best Clean [Download]

4. Brownie Personal [Download]

5. Carolina [Download]

6. Cheerup [Download]

7. ChicMag [Download]

8. Claire [Download]

9. Clean Minimal [Download]

10. Counter [Download]

11. Couture Personal [Download]

12. Elise [Download]

13. Emma Personal [Download]

14. Featured Personal [Download]

15. Flora Hand-crafted [Download]

16. Florence Minimal [Download]

17. Frau [Download]

18. Glamour [Download]

19. Gridz [Download]

20. Hilary [Download]

21. Kylie Jo [Download]

22. Legenda Personal [Download]

23. Life-Fashion [Download]

24. Melissa [Download]

25. MiniMag [Download]

26. Minimal Blog Theme [Download]

27. Minimalia [Download]

28. Newcon [Download]

29. Ore no Imouto [Download]

30. Perfection [Download]

31. PetsWp [Download]

32. Pink Touch 2 [Download]

33. Pixel [Download]

34. Plasma [Download]

35. Revo [Download]

36. Rosemary [Download]

37. Saara Fashion Blog [Download]

38. SEO Sports [Download]

39. Sophia [Download]

40. Sora Bank [Download]

41. Sparrow Personal [Download]

42. Sugar [Download]

43. TechWise [Download]

44. The Freelancer [Download]

45. Top [Download]

46. Travelista Tour [Download]


47. VideoPlay Video [Download]

48. Voux [Download]

49. Waverly [Download]

50. X-Mag [Download]

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