Certified Ansible Specialist: The Playbook For Success

I am pleased to announce that my first course offering as a Linux Academy Linux Training Architect will be the Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation Preparation Course.  This professional-level certification course sits at a pivotal intersection along the technological road for all walks of IT professionals. Ansible is where DevOps and System Engineering come face-to-face.

Not only does the Ansible Specialist certification put you one step closer to the Red Hat Certified Architect designation, but the proven ability to work with the Ansible fundamentals is valuable to Azure and AWS experts alike.

You will need to pack your RHCSA for the journey because, as of this writing, Red Hat is the only company offering the Ansible Specialist certification – this is where we derive our approach to the topic. Just like with all Red Hat certifications, the exam is hands-on and task-oriented. This course contains several guided learning activities that place you on a Red Hat terminal, working through a wide assortment of tasks that help develop and build Ansible knowledge. In addition to the learning activities, an interactive diagram is delivered with this course so that you can see the concept’s layout visually.

And as you have come to expect from Linux Academy, there are quizzes, flashcards, hands-on labs, and a study guide provided within the course! These learning activities allow multiple methods of reviewing and practicing the material to ensure you are prepared for test day!

Hands-on lab walk-through in a real environment, so you can learn by doing.


Speaking of test day, the exam covers quite a bit of content. This course aims to highlight the important bits as well as provide some practical insights along the way. We open with a brief treatment of YAML for those who need it, and a broad conceptual overview of Ansible, before quickly moving into the core objectives that Red Hat has provided.

Key areas covered include:

  • Ad-hoc Ansible commands
  • Ansible inventories
  • Variables
  • Roles
  • Templates
  • Facts
  • Security
  • Performance notes

We even briefly cover Ansible Tower. The heart of the course is the Ansible playbook since understanding how to write and use playbooks makes up a large part of using Ansible as a whole. Ansible can be an enjoyable and satisfying technology to use. There is no better feeling as an engineer than watching the automation you developed execute in seamless harmony across a vast number of systems.

My hope is that you will experience this satisfaction as you complete your exam. I would like to close by wishing you happy studies, and I hope you enjoy learning about Ansible as much as I enjoy presenting it. ????

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