Mac is expensive, out of time and generally, bad.

oh boi I just want to see how many haters are gonna come at me

I have no hate for apple, I like their igenuity (how does one even English) and design but for what theyre products are, WAY, WAY too expensive. iPhone x costs so much more than galaxy s9 but isn't that much better but this isn't what were here to talk about.

imac pro. lets just talk about that 5k$ price tag at the lowest. (18k in ins (shekel))

  1. ADDING 32 gb ram (meaning you have 64) costs the 5k$ + 800$ which is the cost of buying 64 ram here in Israel which generally costs a lot more than in America and such. (for example, the iPhone x here when it came out could have costed up to 1750$ instead of the American 1k) they dont remove the 32 original ram from the starting 5k but just add the cost of 64 ram while only adding 32 ram.
  2. im not gonna go into the graphics as I am not really familiar with radeon, only with nividia.
  3. oh my. processor. 2400$ dollars extra for the 18 core processor. costs about the same here in for the 2.6ghz 18 core i9 7980xe (also, it says 2.3ghz on the 18 cores there. while on the i9 it says 2.6ghz which is significantly better) in Israel which again is more expensive as but again same problem. its not like they remove the original 8 core processor price from the full price.
  4. oh dont even get me started on them ssds. 800$ for a 2 tb ssd? 1. no one is gonna use a 2tb ssd. they will get a 500gb ssd and a hard drive with as much memory as they need and that will cost them no more than 250$ in Israel for a 500gb ssd and 2tb hd. linustechpc even got bored and made his own pb (1000 tb) storage unit. 2. you can get if you want for some reason a 2tb ssd for 500$. who even buys a 4tb ssd anyway. anyone with that kind of storage dont need it to be fast. also not very cost efficient as you can get 2 2tb ssd cards for 1000$ instead of 2800$. all the prices of the hds and ssds im telling you here can be bumped up a few hundreds, still be lower than apples, and be super high quality stuff.
  5. never tried the magic mouse, seems shit and small. also, why do you need to ADD 100$ for the mouse when you buy both trackpad and mouse but its free when its only the mouse and 50$ when its only the trackpad… ALSO WHO THE HECK USES TRACKPAD. magic keyboard? also sucks. I dont have mac and never intend to buy but im pretty sure you cant install your own keyboard and mouse…
  6. vesa mount adapter? yeah, no. just watch this snazzy labs video and read more about it. its so bad even apple knows it but doesn't care.
  7. and for those who say mac os is better than windows, I think youre wrong but there is a saying in Hebrew that ill translate: about taste and smell no need for arguments (it rhymes in Hebrew) but everyone can agree safari sucks and can go in the trash right guys? also you can install mac on a pc and im pretty sure not the other way around. also Linux is kinda bad but its a better alternative than paying so much more for super expensive parts.
  8. "youll never, ever catch a virus on an apple" heard that a million times. atleast you could afford a doctor if you had pc am I right? sorry… yeah umm Avast free anti virus. got your back and all the stuff it doesn't naturally passively remove? Malwarebytes got you. it will remove ANY virus.
  9. office and windows are usually hacked. and I bet atleast 30% of windows users never bought it, yes thats kinda cheaty but comon, its so easily accssed to download it if you got half a brain and an internet connection. I have kmspico (a windows unlock hack) on my phone, so if a needs to download it, I just get a disk/usb stick and my phone and im all set. same with office.
  10. you want to upgrade your mac? TOO FUDGING BAD BUY A NEW ONE. wanna upgrade your pc? well, just buy the part you need and if you want to, put it in yourself or call a pc scientist to do it for you! its that ez.
  11. apple parts last longer. well, yeah mostly, if you buy the crappy pc parts… here goes for atleast graphic cards. asus is for long term use, gigabyte has the best performance but slows down over time. and msi is the cost efficient kind. evga is kinda the middle of all.

dont know how to shit on mac anymore lel but if I think long enough Ill find more.

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