30 Ideas On How To Make Office Life More Fun During Summer – Info Tutorial

Summers in the office can be a drag. Between navigating vacation schedules and being cooped up inside, it can be easy to lose focus on your projects. From keeping ice cream in the office freezer to hosting movie afternoons, here are 30 great  office fun to help bring your office into summer. Stay productive and don't let the summer heat beat you down!

Bring Your Office Into Summer

Infographic via Wrike project planning tools.

Summer Office Fun

Here are some summer office fun ideas from Wrike to help keep your colleagues happy and motivated during the warmer months.

  1. Plan after work get-togethers
  2. Go to a baseball game with coworkers
  3. Get a snow cone machine for the office
  4. Take meetings outside
  5. Keep ice cream in the freezer
  6. Sizzle up your summer playlist
  7. Go out for lunch
  8. Have special themed dress-up days
  9. Play team sports during lunch
  10. Let your team start their weekend early
  11. Plan a mini potluck lunch
  12. Start an office greenhouse
  13. Host a movie afternoon in the conference room (idea: Steven Spielberg Day)
  14. Keep cold beer handy
  15. Keep board games in the office
  16. Plan a team scavenger hunt outside
  17. Ride your bike to work
  18. Brew some iced teas for the office
  19. Host an office BBQ
  20. Brighten up your desk with fresh flowers
  21. Have summer fruits available as snacks
  22. Go for a walk
  23. Fill the watercooler with lemonade
  24. Stream live sports events
  25. Host an after work outdoor yoga session
  26. Work poolside for a day
  27. Organize a volunteer day for a local nonprofit
  28. Bring pets to the office
  29. Plan a team picnic in the park
  30. Start an office book club


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