5 Easy WordPress Page Builders That Simplify Website Production

When it comes to Content Management Systems (CMS) has cornered the market. It has been just over a decade since being introduced, and it is now responsible for close to 80 million websites around the world. Used in over 120 different languages, accounts for almost half of all internet sites that use a CMS, including many of the sites that you have tagged as a favorite.

One of the more enticing features of WordPress is the ability to customize each page or post using a variety of plug-ins and tools. The chosen theme of the site remains the same, but the pages are individualized to relate directly to the content. Over the last year there have been a number of drag and drop page builders made available to WordPress publishers that allow the user to structure individual pages with a minimal amount of effort and time.

Page builders are fantastic additions for amateur website creators who want posts and pages made with a high quality design, but don’t want to have to know about coding. The pages are developed rapidly with a minimal amount of effort at a low cost, or even for free. These can assist just about anyone, regardless of technical knowledge, create web pages that look and act professional.

Elegant Themes Drag and Drop Builder Plugin

The page builder plug-in from Elegant Themes is offered only as a part of their Developer Package, but well worth it if you want a simple solution to customizing your individual posts. The 17 different widgets are easily added by simply dragging and dropping where you want on the page. You can then make them the right size by dragging the edge, the same way you would a word document on your desktop. There are some common widgets that are obviously missing, like social media share buttons, but that is the trade-off for simplicity.

Once you download and activate this advanced plug-in it will show up right underneath the WordPress editor, making it easy to access, use and see all of your changes. The modules that you add to the posts are also fully customizable depending on which ones you are working with. For example, if you choose to animate an effect on your page you will be prompted to not only choose the size of the animated object but also the duration of time it will run. Specialized settings like this give you complete control over how a page looks to readers.

The Elegant Themes page builder plug-in includes options for creating columns in your posts, message and alert boxes that help important points on your page stand out, and eye-appealing buttons that help to improve engagement and click through rates on your pages. This is a plug-in worth considering if you want the look of the inner pages of your website to really stand out without having to work too hard to get there.

Themify Page Builder

Themify Builder is a Canadian based cloud solution for both theme and page building. While there is no coding knowledge necessary to work with the program, its advanced features make it more appropriate for users who are technically inclined. The drag and drop page builder comes with any Themify theme of your choice, along with a number of pre-built layouts and different color schemes to customize individual posts.

You can purchase the page builder separately for $49 as a plug-in but it does give you more flexibility when used in conjunction with Themify Themes. With this, you are enabled to make columns in your posts with ease, and control the exact placement of your images. All of which is done quickly and easily without the use of special codes.

Besides being an intuitive page builder and offering a variety of solutions for building creative web pages, Themify Builder also has an exceptional support system in place. Not only are there extensive forums that cover a wide range of topics from other users, you can ask for direct support and typically get a response within 24 hours. This feature is particularly helpful for site owners who are attempting to develop and run their WordPress website without the help of a professional.

Live Composer

Live Composer works in a similar way to the Headway WordPress framework, with the edit option for the added widgets located right on the bottom of the page. Instead of having Live Composer underneath your main WordPress post editor, it lets you design the pages right on your live website so that you can see how the elements look and work as you are placing them instead of having to switch back and forth.

Not only can you use Live Composer to create new templates, these can then be exported to be used for other posts on the site or even other sites altogether. For a website that creates a lot of content on a consistent basis, this is a time saving feature to take advantage of.

The disadvantage of Live Composer is that with its advanced features and over 30 different modules to consider, it may take a novice website designer some time to learn how to use them all. Yet once you get used to how the interface works, you should have no problems in creating unique pages that look professionally done.

Visual Composer

There are over 500,000 websites whose pages are being designed with Visual Composer. This is a premium plug-in that gives site managers access to over 40 different content elements that are all set and ready to use. You choose whether you want to design the page from the front or back end, using any theme that appeals to you.

Some of the more popular features that are offered with Visual Composer include sliders that connect readers to your best content, social media widgets, Flickr widgets, image galleries and enticing buttons for calls to action. Even with all of these capabilities, its drag and drop action make it very easy to implement.

You might get lost in exploring all of the options available with each element, but once you have satisfied your curiosity for all that this plug-in is capable of, you will have total control over the way in which your pages appear and are utilized. Even the most inexperienced site builder can achieve professional looking results with their pages if they are willing to spend some time getting to know Visual Composer. Downloading the plug-in will cost $30, but the flexibility and wide range of options makes it money well spent if you are working with a high number of pages or multiple websites that you want to all appear unique.

WR Page Builder

This fully responsive page builder from Woo Rockets is located right next to your WordPress editor once installed. The interface allows you to go back and full between compact and full preview mode to see what you have created without waiting for the front-end to load. Once complete it adapts automatically to whatever device it is being viewed on, changing size to make it easier for your readers to see and interact with.

Featuring elements like pricing tables, promotion boxes and content lists, you are able add widgets to any page in your WordPress editor with WR Page Builder. Previously sold as IG Page Builder, the updated version is offered for free with upgrades available for advanced users.

The user is completely control when using WR Page Builder. Layout options include columns and rows whose width can be changed, customized backgrounds, and padding. Advanced users can switch easily to the classic editor to view the shortcodes when needed. You will have no problem implementing the functions of WR Page Builder with any theme you have chosen for your website.

Bottom Line

There is a whole world of WordPress page builders available out there, and the best of them are listed above. However, for a more simplistic design experience you should consider a website builder.

If you need an image rich, professional looking website with minimal bells and whistles, without having to put in much time and effort then website builders such as IM Creator make the best choice.

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