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We all have our hobbies which we enjoy doing during our free time. These hobbies range from online activities that we do on our computers, mobile phone or tablets such playing games, reading, streaming live comedies, learning new skills through videos, and etc to outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, fishing, and traveling.

Whilst some of these activities can earn some extra cash, others are only meant to entertain you. Like the outdoor hobbies, tech or online hobbies are not limited to adults only. Nowadays kids, as well as adults all, use computers and smartphones during their recreational time. One good thing about online hobbies is that you can do them on the go or from the comfort of your home.

Keeping your mind active is just as important as keeping your body healthy. Here are some fun online hobbies that will use your senses, prioritize brain use and keep your mind active and contribute to your overall well being.

01) Software Development & Programming

We are living in an era where everything depends on technology. The good thing about advanced technology is that everything is simplified and easily accessible to the world. You can spend your free time during the weekend learning how to build websites, web page development, programming in HTML, build your own App, teach others, and so forth. Technological hobbies have no physical boundaries. You can learn how to do these different activities from any place you like, not necessarily in the house.

02) Online Gaming Hobbies

Gaming is most probably the most popular online hobby. There are different types of online gaming hobbies. Some prefer playing real money games while others just play for fun. Some of the games that can earn you real money as well as entertainment are classic cards and table games among others. Online sports betting has also become rampant in our society and there are thousands of betting sites licensed to carry out their activities around the world.

Nevertheless, it is important to learn the safety tips of online gaming for real money before you start playing. The reason why online games have become popular is that they are available on our mobile devices, tablets, and PCs.

03) Social Networking

There is no doubt that technology has turned the world into a small village that can fit in your palm. Linking up with your old distant buddies has been simplified with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, among many others. In fact, with the latest technology, you can stream live with your friends in real time or participate in other activities without going there physically.

Other than streaming life, sharing photos and videos, some people use these platforms for different businesses. Sites like Facebook and Instagram allow users to create business groups inform of online stores where they can market and sell their products.

However, one danger about social media platforms is that they are highly targeted by hackers, especially since money is involved.

04) Sports and Healthy Living

There are different ways in which you can inspire someone with your healthy tips online today. You can either decide to do it through writing blog posts or offering online classes, video tutorials. E-book guidelines, healthy recipes, and dedicated hours for live streaming. This can be done on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram or by creating your own online blog site. There are many people who prefer working out indoors than from public gyms.

05) Music and Musical Instruments

Many people enjoy singing and playing musical instruments at their leisure time. If you believe you can entertain your friends with some good lyrics, you can do it live on social media sites or post your video and audios on your YouTube channel. As well, you can teach or learn how to play your favorite musical instruments through online tutorials for free.

06) Photography & Graphic Design

In as much as photography is an offline outdoor hobby, there is a way you can blend it with the online hobby. If you have albums of your favorite photos, you can sell them on different online sites and earn an extra income from your hobby. This hobby requires you to learn or at be equipped with Adobe Creative Suite skills to help you enhance your images. If you are a skilled artist, you can sell your paints online as well as offer tutorials to those willing to learn the art.

There are many computer software for designing, photoshopping and drawing available for free on the internet. You can take advantage of them and enjoy doing what you like. The most important and basic thing is to ensure that you enjoy doing it.

07) Crafting and DIY

If you enjoy working with your hands during your free time, making candles, soaps, jewelry, you can share it with the world through guides and podcast. Handmade objects are highly valuable and they can earn you more than what you expect. Some of the DIY hobbies that can earn you earn extra coin in your pocket include handmade cards, baking, T-shirt, hoods and shirt prints, knitting and embroidery, candle making, bath bomb making, vegetable gardening, floral designs, cooking and baking, and woodworking.

Doing What You Love

There is nothing as lovely and enjoyable like doing what you love most. The fact is that you will always give it your best shot, you will do it with a passion that is so intense until you get your heart’s desire. The most important thing is to ensure that you have fun doing whatever you do.

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