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I recently sat down with this esteemed group to learn what inspired their journey and how they went about designing Data Export . In general, what I learned is that while there was need for brands to have access to integrated solutions, they believed there was also the responsibility to ensure that design was for an overarching strategy. Too often, design can be based to solve for a few tactical problems but may not solve for the big picture. Enterprise-level brands need more from their software investments, otherwise they would just be investing in point solutions.

Based on that philosophy, the Data Export Control feature was created so it could be applied to a variety of activation platforms, including those outside the Experience Cloud. This enabled flexibility at scale.

“We wanted to ensure that Experience Cloud customers could enable data to flow across these systems where appropriate from a use-case perspective, and block it when the source of the data had contractual or policy restrictions,” said Dave Weinstein, director of software development at Adobe. The need to govern data activation becomes even more relevant as a DMP practice becomes more mature and utilized by more than one team in an organization. Data Export Controls enable these teams to ensure that data is activated only where it should be. Plus, it’s a feature that is available to Audience Manager customers at no additional cost.

The team evaluated DMP-related use cases that enable audience activation across varied channels. According to Harleen Sahni, software development at Adobe, “We didn’t want to allow even one hole in how the system was built, since that would jeopardize our clients. It was a very iterative process.”

With the emergence of AI as a major element of innovation, the team also recognized early-on that while machines were doing the proactive work, humans still needed to keep an eye on how the data was used. Edward Schuchardt, group product manager for Audience Manager, said AI makes the need for programmatic guardrails on data usage even greater. “We were also focused on providing as much transparency into how and why the guardrails were kicking in so it wasn’t a black box,” he said.

With new regulation constantly coming into play, such as GDPR, it’s even more impressive that our engineers and technical teams had the vision to build cool features while continuing to innovate with privacy in mind as the forefront, not as an afterthought.

Congrats team. Thanks for building cool technology that’s not only fun to market, but makes me proud as well.

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