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Audition tools to support audio workflows in video production include Automatic Speech Alignment, Remix, Auto-Ducking, full support for video formats, and more.

Remix analyzes and rearranges music to fit the duration of your video without manual editing or complicated cross-fading to get the parts of the song you want, thanks to advanced Sensei machine-learning technology. Automatic Speech Alignment lets you warp and stretch ADR recordings to precisely match on-camera performance with sample accurate lip sync so you can fix dialog easily and turn around projects faster.

Auto-Ducking automatically adjusts soundtrack music around dialog and sound effects to quickly achieve a professional quality mix. Adobe Sensei machine-learning technology scans audio tracks and applies keyframed volume envelopes to normalize audio for clips or projects.

Dual display full-screen video gives you a full-screen display of video content on a secondary monitor while you edit the audio. This is great for editing Foley and sound effects in videos, recording Automatic Dialog Replacement (ADR) or voiceovers.

Podcasting with Adobe Audition

With the growth of podcasting, and the advent of smart speakers, the market for audio content is expanding rapidly. Audition is the perfect place to assemble, polish, and mix stories for these platforms.

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