Combination Backlight/ Filevault Problem – Info Mac

Hello! I hope this is the right place to ask this. Yesterday my backlight stopped working out of the blue. No idea why. At first I thought perhaps my monitor died, but I shined my iphone light through the logo on the other side and could see there was still things going on with my display. The soonest I could make an appt with a nearby apple store was on tuesday so I was going to wait until then. Now all of the sudden my backlight is back, no idea how (hopefully it doesn’t go out again) but now my system preferences is saying “ decrypting files” and the dialogue won’t go away. Are these things related? could I have accidentally hit ‘decrypt’ while fiddling around with my blank screen? Is the decryption a bad thing or can I just re-encrypt it when it’s done?

Thanks a bunch, and sorry for the wall of text!

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