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There is a certain art (or science, rather) to scheduling your social media . Scheduling should go beyond simply using tools to publish when you aren’t manually able to. Now you can plan most of your social media marketing months in advance.

Here’s how to schedule your social media updates more efficiently.

Create your content categories

Take time to organize your social media updates and create a social media calendar before you schedule them.

Simply create a list of all the types of content categories that you’re going to share, such as…

  • Evergreen blog posts (blog posts that remain relevant over time)
  • Time-sensitive blog posts (blog posts that are relevant only during a specific time)
  • Promotional updates
  • Event promotions
  • Product/service launch or announcement of new features
  • Holidays
  • Industry events
  • Quotes
  • Images, videos, and GIFs

Of course, you might have other categories of content, too. Your list should be a complete overview of what you plan to publish in the coming months. If you’re looking for ideas, check out this article on social media campaigns that get attention.

Determine your recurring updates

If you want to publish some of your updates multiple times, you don’t need to schedule each post individually. That will only cost you time; instead, you could use a tool to do that for you.

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