Scalability at BUX – Using an actor system to go from 100 users to 1.5 million – Info Java

I really wish blog posts like this would mention the actual numbers they think were their scaling challenges.

What happens when you’ve reached a level of requests per second where your database can’t keep up anymore?

How many requests per second? How complex were the queries?

To give you an idea about scale, our production systems usually contain 256 shards.

Ok We can make 1000 shards if we want why were 256 needed? What tech challenge led to this.

1.5 million “registered” doesn’t sound like a whole lot. How many are active ? How many are active daily? How many requests does a user make on average per session / day?

Without a whole lot of detail, it seems like a well-designed SQL database could easily support this load maybe you would want some read replicas / caching but that’s about it.

Giving real numbers and response times would help justify decisions made.

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