Dear reddit/mac… MBP VS iMac (32 GB ram) – Info Mac

I come to you a very hot confused idiot, and I’m relying on the collective wisdom kindly offered here to guide me down the right path:

Basically I already have a 2015 MBP 16gb and an iMac which has a HD and is so slow it bores me.

I want a new because my current MBP can’t handle anything any more (kernal_task running at 700% cpu. WTF!)

Now I can’t decide between the iMac and MBP… I don’t really want the fusion drive on the iMac and I want the ports on the MBP both models Will be 32gb ram… the MBP is 1000 more so I just can’t work out of its worth it just for portability as I already have a mb air too…

Any advice or thoughts ?!

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