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In 2, Arcstrider Hunters are often seen as the best subclass for clearing waves of enemies due to their Raiden Flux exotic chest piece. Raiden Flux allows Hunters to extend their Arcstaff when hitting enemies during their super. However, it seems that Arcstriders have some stiff competition now, as Sentinel Titans can do the same exact thing – or perhaps better. One Destiny 2 discovered that Sentinels can essentially use their super forever if adds keep spawning.

This tactic rose up thanks to the buff that the Titan exotic Doom Fang Pauldron got with the 1.2.3 Update. While Sentinel Shield is active, any melee kill extends the duration of the super, much like Raiden Flux does. The kicker is that shield throws also count toward this bonus, so Titans can combine this with the Code of the Aggressor subclass tree to throw shields and hit until there are no enemies left.

Destiny 2 YouTuber and streamer Gladd managed to use his super for approximately 17 minutes non-stop thanks to the infinitely spawning Shadow Thrall on the way to the Whisper of the Worm exotic sniper rifle. While most encounters don’t have infinitely spawning enemies like this does, encounters in the raids will provide enough enemies to have the Sentinel Shield go on for a long time. Encounters like the Castellum in Leviathan or the Argos boss fight in Eater of Worlds will have tons of enemies to clear out.

These newly buffed exotic arms will be a ton of fun to use during Heroic Strikes or Nightfalls while grinding out the Moments of Triumph for this year. Players have to reach rank 50 in the Vanguard as part of the challenge, so players will make quick work of the strikes during void singe weeks. Hopefully, Bungie will make other exotic armor pieces as powerful as this in Forsaken.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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