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You want to get your organization’s name out there.

You want to be quoted in top-tier news outlets. You want to advance your career. You want to be a keynote speaker. You want to be able to launch a new product with a mere tweet because everyone is glued to your feed.

None of these things will happen overnight or by chance. However, you can achieve all these things by becoming a respected, influential leader in your .

Here are four ways to increase credibility, boost authority and wield more industry influence:

1. Create substantive, useful content. 

Choose a medium and own it, whether it’s YouTube, a podcast, a blog, an email newsletter, Instagram stories or another platform your audience prefers.

See what other industry leaders are publishing and try to provide what’s missing from the conversation. Publish consistently, methodically build an audience and tap into others’ audiences as well by contributing articles to influential outlets. It doesn’t have to be Forbes or Entrepreneur; niche publications and local papers can elevate your profile as well.

Contributed content showcases your expertise to new readers and potential customers. Promoting your content on social media can further amplify your messaging.

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Of course, not all content is worth creating. If your content isn’t somehow compelling, different, interesting or useful for your audience, it will likely be ignored.

2. Share expertise with the media—on the right topics. 

When interview opportunities arise, some topics will be right in your wheelhouse. Others might be beyond your expertise, and it’s OK to admit as much.

Don’t waste a reporter’s time by saying you can address a topic only to provide vague, useless soundbites that don’t add to the story. That’s an easy way to burn a bridge and diminish your reputation. If you can’t add meaningful context or insight to a particular topic, take a pass.

If you want to become a trusted, go-to expert reporters contact amid breaking news, start by delivering in smaller opportunities. Provide good quotes, pithy opinions and insightful expertise for local outlets, and your reputation will steadily grow.

3. Seek out speaking opportunities. 

This is one of the best ways to get in front of targeted audiences and establish yourself as an expert.

Find relevant conferences and submit a speaking proposal that chronicles a case study, addresses a specific pain point, reveals new research, undercuts a common misconception or otherwise shows your audience something new and interesting.

Giving presentations is a great way to network, show the results of your work for customers and open up potential content opportunities. Encourage attendees to live tweet photos, questions and quotes during your presentation, and later you can adapt your slides into a blog post, article or webinar.

4. Answer questions and engage with people on social media. 

Pick your platform—depending on what your audience prefers.

Should you be writing, sharing and commenting on LinkedIn? Or is Twitter where your colleagues and customers congregate?

Whichever platform holds the most potential for you (and it may be multiple networks), join the conversation. Share insights (whether your own or crediting someone else’s), connect people and weigh in on relevant debates.

Everyone has a different style, so experiment, observe the influencers you admire and find your voice.

Regardless of the approach, strategy or platform, you should strive to:

  • Provide value. Don’t sell your organization or your products. Answer your customers’ questions, teach them something new and generously give away your best advice.
  • Find your voice. Top industry leaders often have a unique way of speaking and writing that’s all their own. Don’t mimic someone else; just be you. Authenticity is attractive, and honesty is alluring.
  • Have an opinion. You must be willing to take a stand—even on divisive, difficult issues. Tell reporters what you believe and why you believe it. Show your work and reach your opinion responsibly, but plant your flag with confidence.
  • Do great work. Excellence reaps reputational rewards. If you consistently do great work, word will spread and people will take notice.

Get started now

Becoming a respected, trusted leader in your field takes time, patience and discipline. Don’t be afraid to start small. Jump into a Twitter conversation. Submit a speaking proposal. Pitch an article idea to an influential publication. Ace that first interview with a local reporter.

If you consistently provide helpful information and exceptional service, momentum builds. You become recognized. Your business becomes recognized. Eventually, you’ll establish a competitive advantage that helps you shape conversations in your industry, attract customers and grow.

Mike Lizun is senior vice president of Gregory FCA. A version of this post first appeared on The News Hackers.

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