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Tips on How to Make Your eCommerce Shop Stand Out from the Competition

Launching an eCommerce brand is daunting. The number one problem you’ll have is competition. eCommerce is one of the most competitive places to sell a product or service: your competition isn’t just down the road, it’s all over the world.

Even if you’ve found your niche, you’ll also find 100 eCommerce brands that offer something similar. The key here is to differentiate. You need to stand out, so here are some ways you can get started.

1. Focus on Value

Think differently than your competition: start focusing less on price and more on value. Yes, you want to make sure you’re financially competitive with others, but let the consumers see the value of your work first.

Example: One great way to set yourself apart in this area is to make sure your reviews are easily accessible. Let your potential customers see how satisfied their peers are. Don’t shy away from criticism, address it head on and be transparent. Consider this as a way of devoting yourself to the customer. That devotion will stick out among the competition.

2. Branding

Another way you can differentiate your eCommerce business is highlighting an aspect that you do really well and telling the world.

Example: Is everything you sell handmade? Organic? Or does it last for decades? Think beyond the biggest or the most expensive, what do you do best?

Consider starting a blog that highlights your differences. Make those differences front and center of all of your marketing campaigns; make sure when people think of you they think of what sets you apart.

3. Become a Thought Leader

Maybe the best part of your brand is you. If you have a persona you can capitalize on, do so. Become a guest blogger and include links to your eCommerce store. Start your own blog and encourage discussion about your niche.

Build authority behind your eCommerce brand and people will notice. Getting links from “authority” sites will help not only with your SEO, but also with your credibility. You can become a thought leader in your corner of the eCommerce community.

Pro-Tip: Consider a social media influencer or micro-influencer. Let’s say you own a t-shirt design business. You send one of your t-shirts to a local musician and ask her to wear it on one of her many Instagram posts for her many Instagram followers. She does and she tags you, because hey, she got a free shirt. Boom, influencer marketing. Your shirt design is now seen by an entire audience that your social media accounts may not have reached.

4. Be of Service

Consider service to your community a way to really differentiate and stand out. Many eCommerce businesses are so focused on the bottom line that they lose track of overall image.

Forging partnerships with other online do-gooder organizations can serve many positive purposes. Besides upping your brand recognition, your business can be working to serve the very people you are trying to attract as customers.

Example: If you sell only organic soaps, donate a portion of your profits to an environmental cause. Or partner with another eCommerce brand that sells bridgeable products.

These partnerships will enhance your brand and also increase your third-party links. That means more opportunities to attract new customers.

Being different doesn’t have to mean gimmicks or blow-out sales. You can differentiate your eCommerce brand by exploring your options and learning to recognize opportunity. The internet is full of movements you can seize and make your own.


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