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The challenge of growth is always fun and we love it when we’re presented with the opportunity to kick start that growth with a new client.

Imagen, our latest addition to the fold, has asked us to deliver a clear demand generation plan to build pipeline over the coming months and accelerate growth within their business.

Who are Imagen?

Imagen is a leader in media asset management and enable global brands to manage, distribute and share large volumes of video content – all cloud-based.  With customers that include Channel 4, BBC, Press Association and British Premier League, they’ve got a powerful product suite that enables video content to be stored and shared anywhere in the world in seconds.

Imagen is ambitious and backed by VCs so are poised for record growth by penetrating deeper into the UK markets and pushing hard into the US market as well. This growth will be fuelled by an aggressive inbound strategy.

The Challenge

The CEO, Charlie Horrell has set a vision for expansion and development that aligns with Modern’s ability to accelerate growth in new regions and streamline operations. We’ll be setting the standards and optimising the existing marketing activity to create the foundation for a high performing lead generation team as well as pushing two demand generation campaigns into market over the duration of the engagement.

The Plan for

As part of the engagement campaign, we’ll also be finessing their Pardot implementation, a full data cleanse, Salesforce integration including the ability to report on a full waterfall model as well as setting ongoing business as usual marketing activity to hit growth targets.

We’re really excited to have Imagen onboard and to start delivering change and growth into their exciting business.

You can find out more about Imagen here.

You can also find more about how we work with our clients here.

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