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As part of iOS 11 last year, completely redesigned the App Store with a focus on curation from human editors. As part of this curation, Apple’s editors create lists of the best application in certain categories every day.

One of the more recent lists centers around the the best apps with a dark mode option…

Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

As noted by Business Insider, Apple’s team rounded up 16 apps with dark mode into a daily list entitled “Does This App Come In Black?”.

The list includes 16 applications that offer dark mode option – or as Apple calls it a “pure black mode.” This applications range from text editors to RSS readers and much more.

While iOS 12 does not include a system-level dark mode, applications that do have gained popularity especially since the launch of the iPhone X. Because the iPhone X uses an OLED screen, it is able to take better advantage of dark-themed application.

Furthermore, whether Apple likes it or not, apps with dark mode do a good job at hiding the iPhone X’s notch.

Here are the 16 best applications with a “pure black mode,” according to Apple’s App Store editors:

You can view Apple’s full App Store feature page for this feature right here. Are you a user of any of these applications? Let us know down in the comments!

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