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I was looking at Intel’s 8th generation i5 lineup speculating on what apple could potentially use for the 2018 MacBook/Air replacement. The new MBP 13 TB uses the i5-8259u which is upper mid-tier for the u series processors. The only other two processors below this chip are the i5-8250u and the i5-8350u. I don’t think apple would put a better processor for the 13 MacBook/air replacement especially considering these are suppose to be in $999-$1099 price range. If either the i5-8250u or the i5-8350u are used in the upcoming machines would their performance be worth waiting for compared to the i5-7360u used in the 2017 MBP non TB? How much difference in performance is there between the i5-7360u and the i5-8250u/i5-8350u?

Intel’s 8th Gen Mobile Lineup


Edit-added link to Intel’s 8th gen lineup

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